The Stereotypes of Bearded Men Don’t Hold True Anymore

By on October 23, 2019
Bearded men

Before, you had second thoughts about the idea of growing a beard. You felt that people would unfairly judge you based on your appearance. When men have long beards, some people think that they’re too lazy to shave. They also associate bearded men with a lack of proper hygiene. 

The good thing is that this stereotype of bearded men is no longer true. You can grow a beard and not worry about being wrongly judged. It could even be the other way around. Due to your long beard, some people might think of you as a respectable person. You command attention especially when you speak. Sometimes, even before you say a word, people already judge you as someone worthy of respect. 

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Stereotypes are generally wrong. We shouldn’t make judgments about people, especially if we don’t know them yet. It’s unfair to deny people an opportunity to prove themselves because of their appearance. No one deserves to get discriminated against based on race, gender or even the presence of a beard. 

Feel free to look however you want 

We’re now living in a more open and accepting society. It means that you don’t have to worry about your appearance anymore. The point is that you have the necessary skills and values to do well in life. You won’t get defined by how you look. If you can show that you have the right skills, people will look up to you. 

Prove people wrong 

If you still encounter people who discriminate against you based on your appearance, you have to prove them wrong. Make sure that you’re not close to the person they have in mind. 

For instance, if people think that bearded men are unhygienic, you can prove them wrong. Regularly maintain your beard. Keep it an appropriate length. If you think it starts to look messy, you have to fix it. You can also use beard products to ensure it grows well. You might also want to seek help if you don’t have enough time to maintain the beard yourself.

If people judge you as someone who is scary because of your appearance, you can also prove them wrong. Be nice to others and show that you’re not as scary as they thought. 

If you still get discriminated against despite your efforts to prove them wrong, you just need to stop caring. As long as you’re doing the right thing and you’re not hurting anyone, there’s nothing wrong with you. If people choose to look down on you, it’s not your problem. 

Don’t judge others either

If you want to grow a beard and you worry about the judgment given by other people, you also need to be careful with how you judge them. Avoid stereotyping people and give everyone the chance to prove their worth. You understand how difficult it is to be discriminated against because of your desire to look a certain way. You can’t propagate the terrible idea by also judging others. 


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The Stereotypes of Bearded Men Don’t Hold True Anymore