Four Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Clothes

By on May 11, 2011

By Scarlett De Bease –

According to Shop Smart magazine, spring-cleaning is on a lot of people’s mind.  And according to their survey, 60% of

women make spring cleaning an annual ritual. I am definitely in the 60% group, so please consider joining me in reviewing, cleaning and storing clothes, so that they are in tip top shape and ready for when the temperature goes down once again.

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* Take a good look at your cool weather clothes and remove what you never wore this past fall and winter, so that when the cold weather returns, you will not have the pieces you no longer wear taking up precious space.

* Now is the time to take your winter clothes to the cleaner or give them a wash, so that they are stain free and fresh for when you pull them out next fall. Moths love clothes that are not clean, so take the time to clean them before storing them away for the summer.

* Check out The Container Store for clear storage boxes to keep moths out, and cedar blocks and/or balls to repel those nasty moths. There is nothing worse than pulling out a favorite sweater to discover a moth has loved it even more than you have. For more moth info, check out this article on eHow.

* Finally, this is the best time to take your boots and other cold weather shoes to the shoemaker to get new lifts and tips if needed.

Taking the time now to do all or a bit of the above will save you time and money when the summer is over. You know me; I am all about saving time and money!!

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Four Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Clothes