Speed Cleaning Tips Used By The Pros

By on September 1, 2011

By Leslie Reichert –

When you only have a few minutes to clean, try these three tips to make your cleaning time count. Keeping up with your home is about using your time wisely. Don’t get stressed about cleaning the entire house if you only have 15 minutes. Just do what you can. These are some simple tips that the pros use in their own homes.

1.  If you can’t enlist your family to help you clean – recruit your appliances. Your dryer is a great tool to remove dust from your curtains. Just pop them in the dryer  for five minutes and they are dust free. Your dishwasher removes all the build up on collectibles as well as removing grease from your stove hood filter. Use your washing machine to remove the mold from shower curtains. Just put the plastic curtain in with some towels and Oxygen bleach. When it’s finished washing, put it in the dryer for 3 minutes and hang it up immediately.

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2. When you are going to do a quick cleaning- use a apron. Just like a professional carpenter, you need all your cleaning tools right with you! Here is a picture of my favorite cleaning apron. It has lots of pockets for all your “stuff”.


3. Try new technology – Microfiber clothes and mops make cleaning much faster and you really only need water to clean most everything. A microfiber mop and a spray bottle of water is a great way to dust your walls and your floors! It cleans them quickly and doesn’t leave any marks.


Leslie Reichert is known as a Green Cleaning Coach. She is an author and spokesperson for the green cleaning industry and is a teacher of green homekeeping. She is a national lecturer, a contributor to a The Daily Green, which is a Hearst publication, a frequent homekeeping expert on Martha Stewart Living Radio and author of the book: The Joy Of Green Cleaning- a handbook for DIY cleaners. The Joy Of Green Cleaning is a collection of 99 homemade recipes that have been tested and proven to work as well as “store bought” cleaners. It is available at Amazon.com, Whole Foods Markets in the Northeast or online at http://www.thejoyofgreencleaning.com/

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Speed Cleaning Tips Used By The Pros