Something’s Brewing…

By on April 19, 2012

You’ve heard the statement, “Something’s Brewing”. Just recently I made that comment on my Facebook page and I was referring to the feeling that something was brewing in the spirit realm. Immediately after making that comment, I began to ponder the word “brew” and what it meant. To brew means to “make or prepare by mixing, steeping, soaking, or boiling in water; to concoct or mix; to contrive, plan or bring about.”

An example immediately came to mind: brewing tea. Being a tea lover that would automatically come to my mind as maybe coffee would come to yours. When you brew tea, you submerse the tea bag into boiling water. As the tea sits in the hot water, the tea infuses into the water. This not only flavors the water, but it colors it and disperses within the water all of the properties of tea. Tea contains antioxidants, caffeine, and other properties that are beneficial to your health.

Considering the process of brewing, I began to ponder the process of brewing in the spirit realm. When something spiritual is brewing, what happens? Have you ever thought that you were so close to a major breakthrough, spiritually speaking, and then all hell breaks loose? Me too!

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Why is this happening? Let’s go back to the process of brewing. What is required for brewing to take place? Hot water! When you find yourself submersed in hot water and you are trying to fight your way out, consider this – you are now in the brewing process. Whatever is submersed in hot water is what will “flavor” the water. If you are full of Holy Spirit then Holy Spirit will “flavor” the situation. If you are full of self,…well, you get the point.

When you allow Holy Spirit to so fill you that, He is what infuses the  situation, then the end result will be that of Holy Spirit essence – flavor, benefits, color etc. What will come out of that situation will look like Holy Spirit, will act like Holy Spirit and will taste like Holy Spirit. When we allow the Spirit within us to be infused into any tough situation the result is always pleasing.

What will occur is that the properties of Holy Spirit will so infuse the tough situation that you will grow and mature to a higher level. By submitting to the “brewing” you will reach a new level and Holy Spirit can bring about the spiritual result He was preparing you for.

Do I still feel like something is brewing in the spirit realm? Yep! Have I recently been through some hot water – yep! Did Holy Spirit infuse the situation? Not as well as He should have. Why? Because I decided to throw self in the mixture. Self flavored the situation enough to make it bitter and non-pleasing to the taste. Was there still some Holy Spirit mixed in? Yes, I think so. But if I had kept self out of the mix, the aroma and flavoring of Holy Spirit would have been much more pronounced and health-ful!

Maybe, I will have to go through that process again and maybe the fact that I recognize the error in the recipe will make for a much better end result next time. Anyway, I still believe something good is brewing in my life. I may have slowed it down a bit but the fact that I recognized my error and have repented of it will surely ensure that I will still move forward.

So, next time you feel in your spirit that something is brewing, remember the process! Allow Holy Spirit to guide you through it and keep self out of the mix. The end result will be a beautiful, flavorful concoction of goodness.

Here’s to the brewing process…

Originally posted on Laurie Webb Ministries.

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Something’s Brewing…