Why Slow Down?

By on March 24, 2013

Because living with too much on your plate has a negative effect on your life:

Physically: studies show that running on adrenaline (which is the chemical that powers your ability to keep going) is harmfulto your health when you give yourself no down time.

Emotionally: constant demands produce irritability, frustration, burn-out and depression.

Relationally: when you already have a full plate, one more request or need that comes your way is likely the straw that breaks the camel’s back! It all becomes too much–and those you love or work with easily become the victims of your overload!

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Spiritually: without time to get quiet, connect with God, and receive His perspective on your day, you can easily feel spiritually dry, discouraged, and overwhelmed.

When this happens, we are sitting targets for the evil one to attack.

James 4:7 gives three practical steps when we realize there is too much on our plates:

1. Be subject to God.

  • Ask yourself, is my chosen schedule subject to God’s direction? What would He say?

2. Resist the devil.

  • Learn to recognize and resist his attempts to demoralize you–he works through your thoughts and inner accusations. Ask God what you need to cut out, cut back on, or add to your life so He is at the center–not your schedule.

3. Come close to God.

  • Make time to read the Word, meditate and listen to what God is saying to you. When you do this, He promises to come close. What will He do? Instead of leaving you in your discouragement or weariness, He will give you perspective, wisdom, and ideas for how to get some of that “stuff” off your plate! I know, it happens to me all the time!

Q: What do you need to eliminate in order to slow down?


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Born in England to a non-believing family, Poppy grew up there and in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Kenya. She met her American husband in Nairobi and they soon moved to the United States. The adjustment to her new marriage and new country, combined with loneliness and the loss of all that was familiar, brought Poppy to a defining moment with God. The resulting change, from anger to acceptance, from fighting God to seeking Him, led her into a life-long love of Scripture and the One it reveals. Her website: http://www.poppysmith.com/.

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Why Slow Down?