Use Sleep to Save Time in Your Business

By on April 18, 2012

When we sleep, we give our bodies time to rest, refuel, and re-energize. Unfortunately, we often short change ourselves of needed and deserved sleeping time, thinking that decreasing this time is the only way to accomplish more during the 24 hours that we have to use each day.

But what if we could use sleep to help us save time during our workday? Would we then allow ourselves the luxury of getting a full night’s sleep?

Time management expert Kathryn McKinnon has given us the tools to make sleep work for us in business in her best-selling book entitled Triple Your Time Today: 10 Proven Time Management Strategies to Help you Create and Save More Time! This easy-to-read volume is chock-full of wisdom, beginning with Kathryn’s personal story of how she almost lost her life (literally) as a result of her misguided efforts to be productive by modeling the behavior patterns of men.

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Each chapter in Triple Your Time Today presents a different strategy for finding more time to do what you want to do each day. Many of the chapters contain one or two case studies from Kathryn’s personal experiences or experiences with her coaching clients that illustrate these strategies. Kathryn asks pointed questions that are designed to wake us from a state of complacency and get us to think introspectively about our time management habits. She also encourages us to examine how we deal with overwhelm and stress, and to ask ourselves whether we actually embrace the behaviors that lead us there!

For me, the most fascinating idea presented in this book is the possibility that we can use the time that we spend sleeping to save time during our working hours. It is the reason that I have reviewed this book for you. In all of the books, blog postings, articles, etc. that I have read about time management to date, this is the first one to address sleep as a time management tool!

Kathryn introduced me to the concept in answer to a question that I posed to her on LinkedIn. She said the following:

We have, on average, 20,000 thoughts each day. Unfortunately, about 80% of those thoughts are negative. That means you spend a lot of time thinking unproductively. It’s your negative thinking that gets in the way of accomplishing what you want to do because these thoughts create doubt and fear, which then create hesitation and inaction. That means it takes you longer to accomplish your goals–in short, it takes more time.

If you . . . let your mind go to work for you, your mind will spend that time, while you’re sleeping, finding a way to deliver a solution to your problem.

I encourage you to read Triple Your Time Today and learn the technique that Kathryn teaches for using sleep to save time in your business and in the other areas of your life. I have already begun to implement this with positive results!


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Use Sleep to Save Time in Your Business