Two Simple Steps To Style Esteem

By on May 31, 2012

Your true style begins with the inner work. In the beginning of my career I would teach women about their best cuts, colors and styles and then run into them months later and cringe. I was not cringing because of how they looked, but because I knew they were not feeling WORTHY of implementing the expertise I shared with them.

Now the main focus is working with women to achieve higher self-worth what we call “Style Esteem” and then the clothing is just the cherry on top!

Two easy actions to achieve Style Esteem are acts of service and affirmations.

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There is nothing that builds self-love better than helping someone in need. Recently I was struggling with a personal issue and was not able to see my way out. It just so happened that the next day I was scheduled to volunteer for the Special Olympics. This is Mark and let me say… I wasn’t the one helping him that day… he was MY inspiration. Nudging my priorities back in place and being and example of childlike joy and spirit!!


Thank YOU Mark!

Now the affirmations…  Here are some of my favorites!! My suggestion, print these out, look yourself in the eye (in the mirror ) and repeat them. I know it might feel strange, but say them even if you don’t really mean them (really, it’s ok). Eventually you will believe them.

I am a beautiful and healthy woman and I take the actions that a beautiful and healthy woman takes.

I am an expression of love in the world.

The more I care for and love myself, the more love I will experience from others.

The love in my life begins with me.

I love and appreciate myself.

I am happy, healthy and complete.

I am always learning and growing.

Everything that I need comes to me in perfect timing.

I attract good into my life.

I am willing to change. I embrace change.

If, at this point you are having a hard time embracing and believing these affirmations, I will believe them FOR you until you are ready! You ARE beautiful and good and complete.

Happy Style Esteem,



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Two Simple Steps To Style Esteem