Little Shop Good-bye…

By on August 24, 2012

The doors had been closed for over six years, I heard. The little shop was still full of merchandise, old and new. Antiques played nicely with made-in-China “primitives” while barely-there cobwebs danced in the summer breeze.

As I wandered through the dimly lit rooms of this old house turned shop, I wondered about its Proprietress. I appreciated her “good eye” as many of the things she held dear to her heart, I hold dear to my own. Though the old building was crumbling and I detected that unmistakable scent of mold, its charm was evident and cozy. Let me show you the treasures I brought home from this fun estate sale…

What woman doesn’t need plastic ruffled window frill? The cheerful kitschy print drew me right in and for $3.50 each, they’re mine.

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This little chair was $6.00 and I can’t wait to reupholster it… or transform it into a garden planter. What would you advise? Either was, it’s a winner.

At $12.50, the dove-tailed drawers, pretty hardware, and sexy legs sealed the deal. It’s in great shape and very sturdy and ripe for a fresh coat of paint. Stay tuned!

I can’t get the thought of opening my own little shop out of my head so I bought these old loaf pans for potential storage or display. They were $8.00 each and heavy!


This vintage doll crib was leaning against the upstairs railing just as you see it. I love the turquoise and red paint so for $10, I bought it and will re-purpose it. Aren’t the decals cute too?

I‘m no expert on early canning jars but at $2.00 each, I snatched these up. If anybody knows anything about these, please let me know. I’ve never seen lids like this before.


This old drawer was my most expensive purchase of the day at $15.00. Another great display piece with lots of character and dirt!


I‘m a sucker for fabric! This old remnant was $2.00 and would be so cute as a little kitchen valence, a tote bag, or a farmhouse pillow. Love it!

And here’s a look at some of the day’s miscellany… a 40’s cotton apron, a teeny oil can, a funny 1940s book for new mothers, a kitschy owl lantern, a set of “convalescence” cards covering seven days in the hospital, and some “faux” crystals.

What a fun sale! I just may need to go back tomorrow to see what’s left! Thanks for your visit and for following along if you aren’t already. Have a wonderful weekend…


Originally posted on Cottage and Creek.

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Little Shop Good-bye…