Have You Been Shaped by Elderly Adults from Your Past?

By on December 13, 2011

By Rhonda Caudell RN, CMM –

The generations of mothers behind me, shaped who I am today. I treasured my time with my great grand mothers and grandmothers. Even today, some of my aunts and older cousins are my best friends. I grew up in a time and place that all our extended family was close and gathered frequently to spend time together. Mostly we ate great home cooked meals from food grown in the backyard garden. We played games outside and spent time listening to stories of past events while sitting around the screened in porch. In short we did what most families did, we went to school, worked, played, went to church, and we took care of one another.

Passing on values, honesty, work ethic, integrity, love of God, and how to treat others was demonstrated in each generation. As a young person, I began to understand how valuable the experiences of the generations behind me were to my life and to my future.

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I learned that “older” people were not just waiting to die, but they were willing and love to pour wisdom into the lives of the younger people around them. I knew that I did not want to miss what all they had to offer and teach.

Sadly, years later, I saw the winds of change as it relates to how a generation of 20 year olds viewed people in their 70’s and 80’s. Instead of people of value with great insight to share, they now became irrelevant or outdated to a generation accustomed to receiving most everything in real time by a push of a button.

The elderly generation still remains very important to me. I have spent many years caring for them in different capacities, during the twilight of their life. This site is dedicated to those who find themselves in an unexpected time in their life where they are now faced with caring for an elderly parent or other family member. It is my desire to regularly publish tips, facts, and other helpful information that will assist others in navigating the maze of elderly parent care.

Rhonda Caudell is a nurse, certified case manager, and author of The Top Ten Ways to Decrease the Cost of Caring for Elderly Parents has been a caregiver of her own parents, grandparents, and extended family members. She empowers other caregivers and boomers throughout the U.S. by saving them time, money, energy, and stress. http://www.ElderlyParentCareCoach.com.

About Rhonda Caudell

Rhonda Caudell founded Endless Legacy after years of family care giving and serving families as a nurse geriatric care manager. Her life journey brought her to her passion of improving family relationships and communication through elderly parent care coaching. Showing families how to create a long term care process and plan that their kids and the generations to come will want to repeat is her expertise. She works with families throughout the United States. You can reach her at http://www.EndlessLegacy.com or [email protected]

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Have You Been Shaped by Elderly Adults from Your Past?