The Secret of Frankincense Oil

By on February 15, 2012

By Olga Hermans –

Are you a person that always asks why and what? I think that most of us want to know why we do certain things and what they are all about. So, when you are asking why people use Essential Oils, I am here to answer that question for you!

Firstly the Essential Oils keep you healthy by substituting all the chemicals that most people use in their everyday life. We are brought up to take an Advil for this and an Aspirin for that without even thinking about it.

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But the Essential Oils are subtle and aromatic liquids extracted from flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs, and trees through distillation. According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, priests and physicians were using essential oils thousands of years before Christ to heal the sick. Did you know that there are 188 references to oils in the Bible?

These plant oils are powerful in assisting the body in healing itself. Plus, you don’t need to worry about nasty side effects that most prescriptions and over-the-counter medications have.

Let me introduce you to the Frankincense oil today:

Do you remember the story of the baby Jesus receiving gifts from the Three Wise Men at his birth? They were gold, Frankincense and myrrh. Today we would think that gold would be the most valuable and expensive of the three gifts that were given to Jesus. But in those days Frankincense and myrrh were actually considered to be more precious than gold.

I always thought that Frankincense and myrrh were perfumes, but that also isn’t so. They are actually essential oils derived from the resin of trees. Frankincense comes from a very skinny looking tree called the Boswellia that grows in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman. The Myrrh tree is also just as skinny looking and grows in Somalia and Yemen.

Myrrh commanded three times the price of Frankincense. Demand for Frankincense, however, was five times as great as myrrh.

Frankincense and myrrh were considered more precious than gold by the kings, queens, priests and priestesses in ancient times.

Essential oils were used by royalty and the wealthy for their healing properties. Slaves, land, and animals were bought, sold and traded for essential oils because of their extremely sought-after healing qualities. It was written in the ancient scrolls that Frankincense was “used to treat every conceivable ill known to man.”

It was a tradition that when a king was born, immediately the newborn infant was anointed from head to toe with Frankincense. The mother’s perineum and the umbilical cord were also anointed with myrrh. Through research, it has been discovered that this was not merely a ritual but they were used because Frankincense and myrrh are highly anti-infectious, and myrrh is very soothing to the skin. Because of this, the oils were used to stop the possibility of any bacterial infections as well as soothing and healing the mother.

Can you see how precious this oil is?

Thanks to Young Living Essential Oils, Frankincense is now available in the West where the need for it has never been greater: it has been used in European and American hospitals and is the subject of substantial research. Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin. The ancient Egyptians used it in rejuvenation face masks.

Frankincense fights chronic inflammation, which an increasing number of medical researchers believe is the root cause of many diseases like heart disease, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and Alzheimer’s.

Do you know the #1 cause of chronic inflammation? Yes of course: stress….. Whether it’s mental, physical or emotional, intense chronic stress causes the adrenal glands to work overtime, leading to chronic inflammation.

Dr. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, believes Frankincense has the potential to be the #1 antidote for chronic inflammation. In addition to its action on the physical body, Frankincense also calms the mind and emotions, reducing all sources of stress. Dr. Joseph Mercola, author of the #1 natural health website writes, “I have seen Boswella (frankincense) work well with my rheumatoid arthritis patients.

In one study of 176 patients with rheumatic disorders, 122 participants had reduced stiffness and inflammation just two to four weeks after starting on the frankincense.” Pretty cool isn’t it?

I have read that Gary Young once said that if “he could only choose one oil to use, it would be frankincense”. I think I share that statement. Frankincense is certainly one of my most favourite ones.

I love to use this oil; I use it on my face mixed in my moisturizer; I feel great when I use it and my face loves it too.

Here are some ways you can use Frankincense Essential Oil:

  • It helps with depression and anxiety. You can sprinkle a few drops in your hands, rub them together and inhale several times.
  • It helps great for stress Relief; you can apply a few drops to your temples or even wear it as a perfume; others will enjoy your smell.
  • It helps with a cold and flu by adding two or three drops of Frankincense oil to a glass of drinking water and repeated after an hour or more.
  • Frankincense helps promote the regeneration of skin and healthy cells.
  • It helps with asthma: respiration was inspired and opened after applying Frankincense oil around the nose and inhaling.
  • When you apply 1-2 drops of Frankincense on temples and/or back of neck it improves your concentration.
  • When you apply it to the bottom of your feet, Frankincense strengthens your immune system.
  • I don’t want to leave you without sharing a few great testimonies of people who used the Frankincense Oil.

Karen says: “Frankincense works really well for varicose veins. Just mix 15 – 20 drops with 2 ounces of one of the YL lotions and rub on your legs. I had a woman use it that has had varicose veins for at least 40 years and they just gradually went away”.

Carolyn said: “For many years my beautiful daughter had struggled with depression. After taking Lexapro, Adderol, etc. for years, she had had enough with the pharmaceutical roller coaster. I suggested she attempt putting Frankincense on the bottoms of her feet daily. She began doing that immediately and has been able to get off of all medications. She has now relied upon Frankincense alone for many months and is feeling happier and healthier than ever before.”

Jane said: “About 5-6 years ago my husband had a lump on his cheek and went through 2 rounds of antibiotics. The lump went down but a pea-sized core remained. A year later it grew again and since we had no insurance I asked a friend who sold YL essential oils what she suggested. We tried Frankincense and within a week of applying it, the lump “exploded” and out came everything, even the core which was like plastic.”


Olga Hermans loves to help people choose life in every decision they make. She helps people discover the life they were born to live. She also likes to help people realize how Essential Oils keep you healthy and strong by substituting all the chemicals.

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Olga Hermans is the visionary behind The Choice Driven Life. She likes to help people experience their God-given right to choose their Destiny. God has given everybody the gift of a FREE will; it is up to us to make the right choices to live the good life that has been preordained for us. She has graduated from VBI Tulsa together with her husband to found Destiny Bible school in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Website:

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The Secret of Frankincense Oil