Is It Safe for Kids to Ride a Scooter?

By on May 2, 2019

Kids will be excited about getting a scooter. As a grandparent, you want to give them what makes them happy, but you are probably having second thoughts about getting one for them because of safety reasons. If you are wondering if a scooter is safe for kids; with proper practice, discipline, and correct protective gear, it is generally safe. Plus, it comes with other benefits including better balance, improved health, and better social relationship, as kids are more likely to play with other children.

Type of scooter

The best scooters for kids are the ones that are appropriate for their size and physical skills. Three-wheeled scooters are ideal for smaller kids since they still do not have enough balance and coordination. This type will be safer for them. Once they are big enough to use their motor skills better, it will be easier for them to control and steadily run a two-wheeled scooter. There are also scooters that have hand brakes, which are ideal if you are looking for added safety features.

Protective gear

Although scooters are generally safe to be used by kids, accidents could still happen. Protective gear will keep children safer, and they will also prevent serious injuries. Here are some of the safety gear items to get your kids.

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  • Helmet. If your child accidentally falls, they could hit their head on the ground, and this may cause head injuries. A helmet will protect the head and prevent severe damage.
  • Knee caps. These will protect knees from wounds or being displaced.
  • Elbow caps. These secure the elbows from dislocation in case of an accident.
  • Shin guards. These are designed to protect the area between the knee and foot.
  • Gloves. They not only protect your kid’s hands, but they also provide a better grip.

Safety tips

Riding a scooter can be enjoyable and safe at the same time for your children. Below are safety tips that will keep your kids safe while having fun.

  • Ask them to limit their speed. This will give them a better perspective, and it will also prevent them from crashing into things. They will have greater control, and they can respond to situations better if they go at a moderate speed.
  • If the scooter has brakes, double check to ensure that they are working correctly. This will allow your child to stop when needed. It is more convenient than having to stop the scooter using their foot.
  • Ensure that they wear their protective gear to keep them safe.
  • If your children are still learning to use their scooter, be near enough so you can catch them if they fall or give them a helping hand.

Kids who are beginning to learn how to ride a scooter may practice their balance on a stationary scooter. This is easier and safer than trying to run it steadily. Once they get their balance, they can start practicing their stability on a slowly running scooter. Even when they are experienced in using their scooter, they should still not go at full speed, to ensure safety.


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Is It Safe for Kids to Ride a Scooter?