Self Sabotage: 10 Ways To Eliminate Favor From God And Man

By on January 21, 2013

In my experience as a Christian speaker, Identity expert and Christian business coach,these are the top choices I believe eliminate favor from God and man. These decisions will keep you stuck in shame and prevent you from getting the clarity you need to grow profitably.

I share them here with you today because when you read today, you’re reading my past identities. Yep. I am grateful to God’s grace for delivering me and that he sends me now to serve people in growing Bold identities and being activated into their own speaking, coaching, consulting and writing businesses.

Your message may be addiction, marriage, parenting, intimacy with God, prayer, fitness..etc. The bottom line is, it’s a resurrection message.and has power when you harness it.

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Here below are the things I did to dilute any power on my life from God and self sabotage:

1. Surround yourself with victims and people who won’t make big commitments so they experience break-through.  (I don’t mind new drama and new warfare but I want to see the resurrection part!)

2. Get angry with your spouse, traffic, kids,clients, doctors, your job, employee’s, boss or pastor at least an hour or more a day. That will really ensure your completely distracted and lose all momentum. Pouting for hours and day’s at a time is even more effective.

3. Share all your stress with everyone around you so that people think you thrive on pity rather than being passionate and powerful.

4. When something goes wrong, don’t take ownership and see what you could have done differently to grow but rather blame others and then isolate yourself from the team.

5. When there is a conflict with someone your in relationship with, don’t pray about it and resolve it. Just talk about it with people who can’t do anything about it. Focus on being right.

6. Find the things that go wrong throughout your day  and yes, even your vacations. That way, you just scream to everyone how entitled you feel you really are.

7. When other people succeed, don’t congratulate them. After all, they probably didn’t earn it and it’s all about you anyway.

8. Pray and pour out all your fear and worry to God day after day but don’t develop any kind of plan of action that requires you to step out in a big bold way to overcome it. Over spiritualize it and tell everyone your waiting on God.

9. Catastrophic. Nothing ever goes well for you long-term so dwell on the worst.

10. Don’t step out and try anything until you have mastered it perfectly. Keep hiding that talent. After all God is a tough task-master..

Which one do you think is the most sabotaging?


Originally posted on Success Not Sabotage.

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Self Sabotage: 10 Ways To Eliminate Favor From God And Man