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By Vicki Norris –

Is your mind on hyper-speed, badgering you with all you must do and solve? Or, do you replay in your head all that the world, fear, and hurt have done to you? If so, you may need to remind yourself.

Re-Mind: mind again, take you back, repeat, tell again, strike a chord, ring a bell, harken back.So much of our success in life depends upon our mind. Whatever you think on manifests in feelings, and our feelings drive behavior. If you think you are victim, you will feel like a victim and then you will act like a victim. If you have been hurt so many times that you can’t trust anyone, you will then feel suspicious and then you will act in isolation and mistrust.

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Sadly, we often create the very outcomes we are the most afraid of because of our thinking! In short, what you have going on between your ears is of vital importance if you want to live a purposeful, fulfilling life. Life management begins with self management. And mastering your thoughts is crucial to manage your emotional and mental state.

Here are some things you can do to remind yourself and take back control of your thoughts and future: Take your mind back: Very few things rule our lives without our permission. If you want to get your life back under control, you will have to stop giving permission to people and things and experiences to rule you. Determine that you are going to take back your mind from fear, doubt, martyrdom, anger, or anything else that is ruling you. Many older people look back at their life and have regrets, especially for those who lived in isolation or separation. Decide that you are not going to be one of them.

Give and receive forgiveness, seek healing, and clear out those clouds and cobwebs from your mind! It has much better things to do than host parasites! When you take your mind back, you are reclaiming lost territory. Be mindful again: Another way to look at “remind” is to simply be mindful once more. When we’ve got a cluttered mind, we are driven around by persistent negative thoughts rather than being led into the life we were destined for. Once you’ve taken your mind back, you must now become self aware. I like to think of those damaging thoughts as “border crossing bullies” who are once again trying to invade your territory. You must become aware of the old thoughts creeping back, and kick them out like intruders.Play new music: I find it interesting that three of the definitions of “remind” have to do with hearing: “Strike a chord,” “harken back,” and “ring a bell.” Hearing really precedes thinking. We hear something (internally or externally), then we think about it, then form feelings about it, and finally act on it.

Therefore, we need to try new chords, create new harmonies, and write better lyrics for our life if the old thinking left us miserable. Be mindful of what (and who) you listen to, and you’ll begin to play new music.Here’s to sharing your beautiful life song and reminding you how treasured you are!

Vicki Norris has turned her passion for order into a lifestyle brand offering hope for the overwhelmed. Her calling is to help people restore both natural and spiritual order. Her organizing company Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order® was established in 1999 and offers organizing services, products, speaking, books, media, and events. To bring order and peace to your spirit,  visit her ministry at http://www.vickinorris.com/.

About Vicki Norris

Vicki is a dynamic entrepreneur, author, speaker, product designer, and media personality who inspires people to reclaim their overwhelmed lives. She is the President of Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order, an organizing services and products company. She helps the body of Christ return to God’s order and to discover His original design for our lives. She and her husband and two sons reside in Sherwood Oregon where they also host many events at “Dream Acres”. www.vickinorris.com


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