Rejected Again

By on September 12, 2012

“But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger.” Romans 2:8

I don’t have children but I think I’ve experienced them enough to know at least a few tidbits about their behavior. I have a niece, and I remember so vividly when she was little, and just starting to assert herself as a person. My sister heard a lot of “no!” and “I don’t want that!”, on top of a lot of head-shaking and lower lip action. Most of the time I sat in the corner, quietly, when I witnessed this kind of behavior (and yes, rolling me eyes). But the day I heard that little girl tell my sister “I hate you!” was the day that my little niece got a dose of… the Wrath of Connie. Yes, I’ll admit that before I even know what was going on in my own head I had already stood up, got my index finger in pointing position, and marched over to that little girl with a look that she probably thought was going to kill her. I asked her if she would like it if I told her that I “hated” her. Her eyes immediately shot down to the ground. I then told her that what she said was very mean and hurtful to her mom. I told her it also hurt me, because I loved her mom – after all, we’re sisters. I saw that lower lip begin to quiver, and her eyes and nose got all drippy at once. Eeww.

I wish I could tell you that was the last time I ever heard those things come out of my niece’s mouth, but I will tell you that when I heard it, she got an earful from me. Thankfully, we’re beyond that now.

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Have you ever heard or seen an adult behave that way? You know you have – be honest. I’ve heard that from the person in the mirror once or twice, but always with regret. I’ve seen horrible self-seeking from bosses, and subordinates alike. I’ve seen colleagues throw tantrums toward each other when they don’t get their way. I’ve heard and seen total strangers spew hate against God, Christians, and everything decent. These people reject the truth of God’s word, and honestly believe that they will somehow be exempt from experiencing God’s wrath and anger. I find it most sad and unfortunate when entire groups of people behave that way, corporately, as we’ve seen so frequently of late. These are people whose lives are focused on their need to satisfy their own perverse view of the world – who see murder as an exercise of “freedom”, who reject decency and integrity in favor of lives that are purposefully determined to satisfy sinful impulses. We’ve seen it in our political system, when entire groups of people openly and defiantly reject God, his word, and his people, including his chosen people, Israel.

These are the things that sadden my heart, and make my soul cry out to God so very loudly. I can only imagine that our heavenly Father hears the table-pounding “I hate you”s of those who utterly reject him, and is deeply saddened by that kind of rejection. He is sad because Christ’s sacrifice was the full and complete atonement for the sins of each and every one of us, for now and always. He is sad because the gift of salvation was given to all of us, not just a select few. He is sad because the gift He gives us is free, and that it only requires the acceptance of that gift, and nothing more. And He is sad because He knows that the rejection of Him, and His gift, means an eternity of wrath and anger for those who reject Him.

Every day we have the opportunity to know God’s love and acceptance. Every day we have the opportunity to turn one person’s rejection of God into a new beginning for that person. We are called to stand firm in our faith, and share our faith. When we do, God will know for certain that He has one more person who will not reject him again.

Heavenly Father, thank you for showing us so clearly in your Word the blessings we will know for believing in You, and the redemptive power of the Cross. Thank you for reminding us that there is a world that still needs to be shown the way to you. Thank you for showing us just what rejecting you will bring, and for the grace and mercy that allows us to avoid such a fate. Lord, we ask you to help us stand strong against evil, and against the ones who promote the evil things of this world. Use our lives to change the hearts of those who continue to openly reject you, and those who are deceived, who continue to support the evil things of this world yet claim to know you. We ask for your blessings, Lord, because this world can be a hard place to be when those who follow evil control it. Thank you for hearing our prayers, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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Rejected Again