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By Vicki Norris –

Batteries running low?

Do you need to recharge?

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Before you book your travel arrangements, read on!

We’ve all taken a get-away to recharge and then come home exhausted, needing a vacation from our vacation. Even if we just take a nap or buy something to treat ourselves , we often experience more stress as a result! Why do our recharging efforts sometimes backfire?

Because recharging is more than what you’ve been told!

Recharging isn’t just about getting away; it’s about who and what you’re plugging into.

When you feel burnt out, what do you do? Well, most of us try to relieve ourselves. We go shopping to take our mind off things, get our nails done to pamper ourselves, or crash on the couch to catch the game or some mindless TV. We figure we deserve a break. We schedule a trip to get away from it all. While it’s important to be kind to ourselves (and create memories along the way) it’s worth examining why these activities never really seem to address the exhaustion deep inside.

First, if your attempts to recharge are fruitless, you may be pursuing something that is not your calling. If you have to force what you’re doing each day, you are likely not doing what you were hard-wired to do. It is worth the time and energy it will take to hunt down your life’s assignment. I’ve done it. In fact, I was on a relentless pursuit of my calling last year. The fruits of that discovery process are ongoing and will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Second, if you’re experiencing dim payoff for your recharging efforts, you may be running on battery power. We all know our phones and laptops have to be plugged into a power source to recharge. We have to find an outlet to tap into when we’re critically low or our systems stop working. Yet when we humans try to recharge, we often act as independent machines, making futile attempts to gain energy from ourselves. Yet, no amount of shaking ourselves up or trying to conserve energy will give us what we need: a power boost gained only from plugging into a source. What power source are you connected to? True power comes flows from the Source to you and through you!

Lastly, if your recharging is short-lived, you may need to consider who and what you’re plugging into. Some activities sap energy from our machines more quickly, like running bright lights, leaving them on for long periods with no rest, or running too many programs at once. Are you aware how certain activities and people drain you? Be conscious of those energy-siphons and be careful who and what you give your time to. Remember: you are an asset. A limited edition. You have a great destiny that involves using the gifts and strengths you’ve been given to solve problems and bring life to the world. You can’t afford to have constant drains that distract you from your assignment.

Here’s to true recharging that powers you up for victorious living!
Your friend in reclaiming your life,
Vicki Norris

Vicki Norris has turned her passion for order into a lifestyle brand offering hope for the overwhelmed. Her calling is to help people restore both natural and spiritual order. Her organizing company Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order® was established in 1999 and offers organizing services, products, speaking, books, media, and events. To bring order and peace to your spirit, visit her ministry at

About Vicki Norris

Vicki is a dynamic entrepreneur, author, speaker, product designer, and media personality who inspires people to reclaim their overwhelmed lives. She is the President of Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order, an organizing services and products company. She helps the body of Christ return to God’s order and to discover His original design for our lives. She and her husband and two sons reside in Sherwood Oregon where they also host many events at “Dream Acres”.

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