How Would You Like To Receive A “Divine Invitation” For Increase?

By on July 1, 2012

Are you like most of my clients? Desiring to harness all your potential into RESULTS? Tired of praying and wishing and ready to take the strategic actions necessary to grow passion and provision? Well, then learn how to discern divine invitations. Especially if your one of those ”creative” individuals with lots of smoking hot idea’s (that you watch everyone else utilize  and grow with).

So, what’s  a “Divine Invitation”? Well, it’s God’s way of showing you the staircase up and out of your obstacle if you recognize it. They come from your friends or family, a neighbor or a boss but you pass it by because, well……your stuck. Why do we stay P.O.O.R. (Passed Over Opportunity Repeatedly)?

From my experience coaching for over two decades, I believe a lot of why we (I used to do it constantly) engage in negative, victimizing behaviors is because of unhealed wounds. Mostly from our childhood. Situations that left us unacknowledged, un-affirmed and unresolved in our hearts. This in turn has led us to continuous patterns of self-sabotage. The good news? Once these roots are exposed, we can pull them up and replace them with new, positive thoughts and actions. Because I am a faith based coach, I love showing people how to connect biblical truths with MILITANT ACTION!

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One thing that prevents people from moving into a new successful identity, whether it is in their personal life or business, is negative “old stories” from their childhood. The way we “see”ourselves  determines every step we either take or don’t risk taking. However, your old identity does not have to translate into who you are today or hold you back from becoming the person you want to be. It makes sense right? In order to move on, you have to dig down deep, acknowledge your past, and then do the work to build a NEW YOU.

For example, I grew up in an addiction-based home; both my parents had violent alcoholic parents. It seems I was destined to inherit the “Bryson” self-sabotaging identity.  I also was also a sickly child and battled severe asthma until my mid-twenties. When triggered, I would begin to wheeze, cough spastically and then my throat would close. Not fun. I was deathly allergic to: dust, grass, milk, cute kittens, laughter (which made me wheeze) chemical cleaners, horses (thoughts of horses) and lastly, the dog. So, of course, he had to be given away. Knowing that my illness forced us to give Firecracker, the beloved family pet, away can still make me tap into shame and guilt, to this day.

Here is where I had to make a CHOICE to push through my anxiety and build a new BOLD identity. (And where I realized I was sabotaging my own success):

I had someone invited me to run with them. Want to know what I said? “Well, I am not a runner, I am a walker.” Why? Because I had been a sickly child  and I didn’t “see” myself as an endurance athlete at this point in my life. After I thought on it for a while, I realized this was holding me back and I just decided to TRY to run.

The beliefs you discover might surprise and shock you, especially when you realize how these mindsets actually prevent you from building with individuals who are healthy, passionate and living life at the fullest. I would encourage you today to do the work internally to move into a PURPOSED and PROFITABLE life.

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How Would You Like To Receive A “Divine Invitation” For Increase?