RE-Allocate: Choosing Your Destiny One Decision at a Time

By on May 28, 2013

It’s amazing how many things we just do reflexively. We operate in a numbed state of obligatory living dragging ourselves from work to unending chores. We are too tired to find joy in the little things because our fuel tank has been running on empty for too long. Many of us are just surviving in life, “hanging in there,” and going through the motions.

If you’re ready to upgrade from the daily grind into integrated, joyful living, this message is for you!

To allocate means to set apart for a particular purpose. It reflects a conscious choice, an intentional act.

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Allocation requires that we slow down long enough to think. To consider what is best for ourselves, our families, our community. And that in itself seems like an insurmountable feat in this hyperspeed world!

But what if slowing down and being intentional about what we’re allocating is in fact the key to freedom?

Organizing itself is a process of allocation. It’s not about cleaning, de-griming, re-arranging or even “a place for everything and everything in its place.” True organizing requires allocation; it’s a discovery process that invites you to master your circumstances and cause your environment to serve you (rather than the other way around). It invites you to be thoughtful and to assign priority to your environment.

And we can allocate more than our space and our time and our stuff. We can – and should – allocate our very lives!

So, how can we allocate our lives – to set them aside for a purpose? It’s really a combination of big and small decisions. It doesn’t happen overnight. And it won’t happen without forethought, intentionality, and sacrifice.

One of the best decisions my husband and I have made – and most sacrificial for us both – was 6 years ago when we choose for one of us to stay home with our boys. We made a choice to re-allocate literally our very selves, which then impacted our daily activities, finances, and rhythm drastically. Instead of allocating ourselves to the ranks of “gainful employment,” and “double income earners,” we decided to allocate ourselves to a life of investment in our children and in our home life.

This intentional re-allocation was a turning point in our lives into integrated, soul-filling life. That single decision – and the sometimes painful, challenging commitment to stick to it – has changed our lives. We reallocated our lives away from obligation and striving when our hearts turned homeward.

But your invitation from life to reallocate yourself may not be anything like ours. 

  • You may take a new position to which you can reapportion your time to more closely align with your life’s purpose.
  • You may need an intentional reboot of your marriage and you can reassign some time to weekly date nights.
  • You may even take this opportunity to reallocate a small portion of your time to self-care – you know, those things we always put last on our list while we’re helping everyone else!

So, consider this your engraved invitation to REallocate yourself. Your choices today WILL impact your future.

  • Will you reallocate some time to writing that book or article or poem you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Will you reallocate your roles at home or work so you can come into congruence with your hearts’ desire?
  • Will you reallocate your priorities to include more time with loved ones, more bandwidth for the things that matter for eternity?

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RE-Allocate: Choosing Your Destiny One Decision at a Time