RE-Create: Discover Your Power to Create Your Life

By on July 24, 2013

Ever wake up and feel funky? Just not quite yourself. Out-of-sorts. Not bad but not especially good.

Or, maybe you’ve spent many years in that state.

It’s hard to pin down. It could be discomfort, discontent, or disconnection.

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Remember, whenever “DIS” is involved (it’s a prefix meaning “to separate”) it’s time to REstore (bring things back again).

I have been practicing something I want to share with you that will help you on those funky junky days (or years). It’s the power of creating with our mouth.

We are made to create. We’re creative, innovative humans with an intentional design to make things. And not just things. We are made to create realities and environments. And we accomplish all of this with a very powerful tool: our mouth.

What comes out of our mouth creates realities.

For example:
Have you ever noticed how complaining about someone being lazy does not make them less lazy? It only affirms the state they’ve chosen.

And every parent I know has observed their children go into a frenzied state when exhausted or excited. But have you noticed how calling your kids “crazy” does not prevent craziness, in fact, it almost always backfires, prompts a glimmer in their eye, and an affirmation of craziness, as if they are trying to prove you right.

I was at a store last month and a woman was yelling at her son and calling him “annoying” and “irritating,” and let me tell you, he was indeed continuing to manifest all those traits. I wonder what would have happened if she would have bent down, looked him in the eye, hugged him, and told him that this behavior was not aligned with who he was – that he was a helpful boy and a great companion to have and that she was glad he was with her. I wonder how his little heart would have swelled with pride when he heard his mom affirming who he REALLY was rather than his out-of-order behavior.

mother_and_childI must share with you that I practice this with my own children when they’re out-of-order. First, I have to catch myself from reacting. If I allow myself to react, what comes out may be aligned with the behavior I am observing!  When I am intentional, however, I make a comment, watching my tone of voice, that invites them back into their TRUE selves; their best selves. I call them UP into who they really are rather than joining in the fray. If it’s rudeness I have observed, I remind them, “you are not a rude boy, you are a kind and compassionate boy who notices the feelings of others.” This reminds them of who they are and they almost always shift gears at that point. We create shifts with our mouths.

We are creative beings, and we use our mouth to create, both for the positive and the negative.

So, when you feel funky, or on hold, or in a fog, it’s time to CREATE!

Here’s how to start:

1. Preparatory Creation: Begin by observing the kinds of things that come out of your mouth and the beliefs and attitudes they represent. (Whatever is coming up out of our mouth is birthed from what is inside. So if you’re saying it, you believe it!)  If you don’t like what you observe; the VERY good news is: YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

2. Responsive Creation: Before you react to things, pause and consider what’s true. Then, intentionally respond to situations with what is true, and refuse to join into what is manifesting.

3. Proactive Creation: Here’s where it gets really exciting!! You can take a gloomy day, year, or life, and create it into your best life!! You can turn poor relationships into good ones. You can turn a marriage, a business, or even a group of people right-side-up. I know, this sounds impossible. But I am living proof it IS possible. I’m practicing it and learning to live it. When you proactively create, you speak what is true and good and right into a situation, person, or environment. And you keep speaking that, even if it doesn’t look good at first (or for a long while). And eventually, you will watch your words manifest into action right in front of your eyes.

Who of us has not tried to “motivate” our spouse by complaining or directing? But have you tried speaking to them what is TRUE about their unique and beautiful design? Try it! It works!

Who of us has not beaten ourselves up for what we are failing at? But have you tried speaking words to yourself about your character, your amazing gifts, and your accomplishments?

Who of us has not “dissed” our bodies and their imperfections? But have you tried affirming your body for carrying you around all these years and facilitating the wonderful life you have?

My guess is, if you’re like me, your answer to the above questions is likely “no.” Honestly, I thought that whole “self-talk” and “affirmations” hoopla was just some kind of woo-woo feel-good thing. (Just bein’ real here). But that was before I understood the power of the mouth to create realities. I was wrong! Now I have come into the understanding that we are creators and that we have a privilege and a responsibility to create what’s true.

So, if this day, month, year, or season of life is flat, or disappointing, just begin to declare….

Declare what’s true, right, noble, and honorable

Declare what is on your heart to do or be

Declare positive visions you have for yourself or someone else

Declare thankfulness because thankfulness acknowledges what you DO have

Declare wisdom, unity, friendship, hope, or whatever needs to manifest

You get the idea. As you create with your mouth, you will see your heart change, your mind change, and situations change. Very often in life, WE have to change before our situation changes. We replace “dis” (separation) with “re” (coming together); and our mouths are change agents of restoration in our lives.

I leave you with my declaration for today over myself, Restoring Order, Dream Acres, and our family so that you can get some ideas to RE-Create:

“Today I’m thankful for all that I was designed to be, for what has been deposited into me, and for the power to create. Today is a day of beauty, order, and community. A day where I get to exercise my gifts and bring my uniqueness to the world and in so doing, restore all that’s out-of-order. I operate in unhindered freedom and blended integration and choose those gifts for my family. I declare honor, life, favor, and power over myself and my family and team. We rescue and restore broken homes, businesses, and hearts with renewed hope through Restoring Order. We create a haven of hospitality and a respite for the weary at Dream Acres, inspiring people with what’s possible in their lives. We are stepping into a new season where our reach and influence and relationships will skyrocket as we operate as purveyors of internal order. We have the divine privilege to participate in bringing heaven to earth through our daily lives and work. We are blessed!”

Now, go ahead, share below what you are creating today for your life, your marriage, your business, or any situation below in the comments…and then keep declaring it until you see it come to pass!

~In the power of creation,

Vicki Norris


Originally posted on Restoring Order.

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Vicki is a dynamic entrepreneur, author, speaker, product designer, and media personality who inspires people to reclaim their overwhelmed lives. She is the President of Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order, an organizing services and products company. She helps the body of Christ return to God’s order and to discover His original design for our lives. She and her husband and two sons reside in Sherwood Oregon where they also host many events at “Dream Acres”.

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RE-Create: Discover Your Power to Create Your Life