Putting the “B” Back Into Your Life’s Balance

By on September 1, 2011

By Shawna Hamilton –

Do you remember at the beginning of the year when you re-evaluated your goals and either wrote them down or contemplated in your mind how you wanted 2011 to look and feel?

I know that I sure did. Actually, I assess my goals on a monthly basis just to ensure that I have mastered my “to-do” list! But alongside your hopes and aspirations, I bet there was a decision to really put your health and fitness first this year.

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Am I right?

To eat smart, take care of your body and aim to feel and look great! As you embarked on your personal health goals, I can imagine that you’ve probably already been asking yourselves some questions. Only because my profession involves this process, I understand some of your potential frustrations.

Let’s see if my assumptions have any truth shall we?

Have you asked yourself “Why is my metabolism so sluggish?” “Will my energy levels always feel this depleted? “Are my mood swings normal? I don’t feel like myself” “I can’t make time to exercise because I can’t seem to shake this cold/flu, what is wrong with me?” or what about “Why do I easily get muscle cramps?” and lastly… “maybe it was just a bad winter season, but why is my hair and skin still so dry all of the time?”

These are just a few common complaints that come with low levels of Vitamin B in your daily nutrition. It’s nothing overly critical, your levels are just a little low and that alone can contribute to poor immunity, low energy, a slower metabolism, a swing in your moods, muscular cramping and dry skin and hair to name a few.

The term Vitamin B actually refers to Vitamin B Complex, a group of closely related vitamins that work together to maintain health. Their combined functions absolutely include maintaining skin and muscle tone, enhancing immune and nervous system functions, promoting healthy cell growth and proper brain function as well as sustaining eyes, hair, liver and mouth health.

The greater percentage of B Complex vitamins are found in brewer’s yeast, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, legumes, nuts, organ meats, soy products and whole grains. Because they are frequently found together in good food sources, a deficiency of one B vitamin often means a deficiency of several or all of the B vitamins. They are water soluble meaning what the body doesn’t use is excreted. Therefore B vitamins are never stored in the body. The elderly especially poorly absorb B vitamins so it’s really essential that we get adequate intake of these nutrients as we age.

As similar as the B complex vitamins are, however, they are not identical, so if you have any questions about a specific B vitamin that you are taking or have gained knowledge about, please ask. I’m here to help. In the meantime, give it a try. Add a high potency B complex vitamin to your daily supplement arsenal. I am confident that you will feel a surge of energy and you’ll notice much greater immunity support too.

Until next time, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!

Shawna Hamilton B.A,BKin,H.D
Professional Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Homeopathic Doctor

About Shawna Hamilton

Shawna exemplifies fitness. Her positive attitude and natural zest for life are her greatest attributes and have everything to do with her success as a respected and recognized trainer within the fitness industry. For over 16 years, Shawna has taken pride in consistently motivating and inspiring her loyal clientele. She owns and operates a thriving mobile health and wellness business specializing in private fitness training, nutrition counseling, custom meal and supplement planning, Figure and Fitness Model competition prep as well as natural medicine. Shawna is married, planning a family and lives in Etobicoke with her husband and business partner and their three dogs. You will find her at: http://www.fitandonthemove.com/.

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Putting the “B” Back Into Your Life’s Balance