Pump-Up Your Walk

By on March 1, 2012

By Sharon House –

Walking has always been at the center of my workout regime. Not an amble or a stroll..and definitely not a run or sprint, my walk is brisk….rhythmic arms, core engaged and head held high. Back in the day, I pushed my babies in their strollers while I walked. Now at 50+ my canines are my companions. Walking doesn’t need to be restricted to a beach, scenic park of local neighborhood. Long motel hallways, urban shopping malls, hotel rooms and even escalators at airports have all seen my stride.

Recent studies provided by AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality), which is part of the US Department of Health & Human Services, report that “Regular physical activity has beneficial effects on most (if not all) organ systems, and consequently it prevents a broad range of health problems and diseases. Physical activity in older persons produces three types of health benefits, including the reduction of the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, helps manage active problems like high blood pressure and improves one’s ability to maintain independence in the face of conditions like arthritis that could limit activity”.

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The report further states that although usually the more frequent and intense the activity, the stronger the benefit, even a brisk walk, raking the leaves and a 20 minute swim will help most people who are over 50, live a healthier and more fulfilled life

But, walking can be boring and the same old, same old routine that lacks variety is hardly motivating. So, I like to shake it up by adding a few cardio breaks as I walk.  Sometimes I will tie a jump rope around my waist and every two or three blocks, I jump for five minutes or I will find a convenient bench or low wall and do a series of push up or the piece de resistance, I find a swing set at a local park and pump like I did when I was six. My new go-to walking rev kit is from Empower Fitness, which boasts hand held workout equipment made by and for women. I absolutely love their adorable purple Adjustable Weighted Walking Vest, which allows you to adjust the weights, depending on which resistance you want on any given day. My other fave are the soft, stretchy neoprene Ankle Weights that come in ½ pound increments. Everything from Empower Fitness is under $40, 00 so you won’t break the bank, while you are breaking a sweat.

And if by chance I just might overdo, I recently discovered a great little Foot & Body Relaxation Roller, complete with pressure points, from Rejuvenation, and at $14.99, it beats a trip to the spa hands down.

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Pump-Up Your Walk