Prescription Hope Aids In Affordable Prescriptions

By on March 15, 2021
affordable prescriptions

Prescription drug prices are once more on the rise in the United States. Even when they have adequate pharmacy benefits, many patients affordable prescriptions for the medications they need to survive.

Douglas Pierce of Prescription Hope wants to solve this problem. He has a passion for helping people which started when his mother was diagnosed with a serious medical condition and could not afford her medications. Inspired by his family’s struggles, Pierce founded a company called Prescription Hope which searches for patient assistance programs and arranges for patients to receive their medication.

The Problem of High Copays

Copays for prescription medication, especially brand-name medications like cancer drugs and other biologics, can be cripplingly high even when patients have insurance. Many patients cannot afford their prescriptions, and they are forced to forgo taking them or to ration out their pills for a longer period of time. These life-saving medications should never be neglected, but today’s pharmacy benefits system is broken.

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For example, the biologic drug Cosentyx has an average cash price of $8,600. This life-saving drug is a biologic, meaning that it is made from living organisms. The drug treats plaque psoriasis and several different types of arthritis. Many patients find that they can achieve better results with this drug than with other competitors of its type.

In European countries, “biosimilar” medications that produce similar results but with less-expensive formulations are available, but these have not been approved in the American market. This keeps prescription costs artificially high.

It is heartbreaking that many patients cannot begin to afford this medication, even with insurance. Many drugs put patients in similar situations where they are unable to get the relief they need without putting themselves into bankruptcy.

Which Medications Are Covered Under Most Pharmacy Plans

Even “quality” prescription plans have serious drawbacks. Most pharmacy plans require that patients take a generic equivalent if there is one available. Doctors may not want their patients to take the generic equivalent because there are significant differences between the formation and delivery methods that could impact a patient’s treatment.

Programs like Prescription Hope can step in and help patients afford their expensive prescriptions even if they are not generics. Clients only need to pay $50 per month per prescription to be enrolled in the program. Considering the huge cost of copays and cash prescription prices, this can turn out to be an excellent deal for the average consumer.

Patient Assistance Programs

The reason why the program works is that it uses Patient Assistance Programs that are available through many drug manufacturers. The programs’ requirements can be hard for individuals to manage, and the company steps in to create an easy, one-step process to take advantage of these programs.

Understanding how patient assistance programs work can be challenging, so the company is ready to manage them on your behalf.

Qualifying for the Program

Initially, patients need to be pre-approved in order to receive the company’s services. Pre-approval allows patients to see what they will save upfront. Each year, the program will request income verification since patient assistance programs are generally offered only to low- and middle-income patients. The program automatically enrolls you in the correct programs to receive help with your most expensive medications. The program handles all of the dealings with pharmacies for you.

Even though some medications may come in a 90 day supply, the monthly service fee remains constant.

Ways to Combat High Prescription Prices

Customers can do some searching on their own to find the best prescription prices, but they may find barriers to their search. Many pharmacies do not want patients to know how much they will be charged for their monthly medications, and insurance programs can change without warning. Having a low monthly fee for expensive prescriptions is often the best deal.

Helping People Save Money

Prescription Hope is dedicated to helping the American healthcare consumer save money by tapping into little-known consumer programs. Since it can be difficult to access these programs on your own, the company provides assistance for a simple monthly fee. There is no need to worry about getting your medications from a number of different pharmacies. Your medication will arrive monthly without any difficulties.

Douglas Pierce’s Personal Dedication

Pierce is dedicated to serving the American public by helping them avoid exorbitant prescription prices. His program can help patients get the right treatment at the right price. In some cases, monthly medication costs can be reduced by thousands of dollars. This program can be a life-changer for many patients with serious diseases and conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.

Thinking About Prescription Advantages

When you use Prescription Hope, you will be able to relax and let the company handle all of the details of getting your expensive medications. A small monthly fee per prescription is all you need to pay.

The company is dedicated to helping families get through difficult times. Making prescriptions as easy as possible helps many families cope with the demands of serious diseases and conditions.

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Prescription Hope Aids In Affordable Prescriptions