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By on May 15, 2019
Beauty Products

We all see the advertisements of a famous celebrity spraying on a perfume or cologne, or giving their endorsement to some beauty products. Is their opinion or endorsement truly valuable? Most importantly, is the beauty products found on the store shelves good for everyone?

Going to the store to buy my body wash, lotion and beauty products, we face a myriad of choices, not really know which one is really best. Many of us have a cupboard full of half used lotions, perfumes and body washes that didn’t improve my appearance or had some allergic reaction. The stores won’t take the half used product back. I’m left out of pocket and with side effects that I now have to see a doctor about!

There has to be a better way! There has to be a way for us to get beauty products without the hassle of wasting time and money. What if we could get my beauty products made just for me. Maybe I could be like the celebrity and have someone create products that match exactly what I need.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and what we put on it is absorbed through it and into our blood. There has been much research showing that a healthy, glowing outer skin is due to the healthy underlying layers of skin. So not only do I want to smell great, but I need to use body and beauty products that contain all natural ingredients to maintain a healthy body. I want to stay free from cancer creating ingredients!

Recently I experienced a Fragrance Party. I initially thought not another one of these parties where my friends are trying to sell me the latest gimmicky product. Where I get to pay more than I would for the same thing, getting it in the store or online. However I was introduced to a new way to find my body and beauty products. This was what I have been looking for all this time. I had such a great time creating my own personalized products.

I was given the opportunity to create a unique and distinct scent of my perfume and products, but now I know that the recipe can be reproduced for years to come. All my body and beauty products have the same complimenting scent. As you create your own scent and beauty products, consider these tips;

Get a Personalized Skin Test

I had my skin pH tested and was able to get a kit to test on a regular basis. Our skin pH is unique, and ultimately is influenced by many things from the food we eat to our blood type. With the skin test results, all my body and beauty products are adjusted to the needs and demands of my skin type and and pH.

Try combinations of Oils and Scents

The best scents are complex and created by layering many different scents on top of each other. The layering will assist with the smell of your products as they are initially applied to how they continue smell throughout the day. These are called Top Notes, Medium Notes and Base Notes.

Check the Oil Ratio

The amount of oil used in your products will dictate the longevity of the products scenting. Although the various notes dictate which scent you will be strongest at various times, and Eud de Parfum contains between 20% and 40% oil. A product so rich in the oil should continue smelling good for the whole day opposed to Eau de Toilette which will only last at most 2 hours.

Now is the time for you and I to be the beneficiaries of having a scent named after us. Take that you famous celebrities. We can have products custom hand made for us that make us smell and feel great all day long.


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Personalized Beauty Products for Your Body