From Perception to Purpose!

By on July 1, 2012

Perception! How do you perceive yourself? Do you see yourself as God sees you? Or do you see yourself as a grasshopper? If you read the last post, you were challenged to look at things through God’s eyes. If you see yourself as He does, so will others. Your perception affects the perception of others.

Passion! Where does your passion lie? What do you think about on a daily basis? Where do you find yourself volunteering? What do your prayers reveal about where your heart is? Whatever that secret passion- that you think about at night, pray about during the day, find yourself dreaming about…that is what God has placed within you. There is a reason you continuously dwell on those thoughts. Holy Spirit is leading you to your purpose.

Persistence! Are you persistent in your prayers? Are you persistent in following the lead of  Holy Spirit? Are you persistent in pursuing your dream? Nothing worthwhile happens without persistence on our part. Satan will not sit idly by and watch you achieve your God-given purpose. He will attack, delay, derail…anything to get you to quit. Sometimes all he has to do is to delay it for a while and we give up. Our impatience serves Satan very well. We are so accustomed to getting everything right now that we give up much to soon on our dreams. We must be persistent and patient!

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Power! Do you have Holy Spirit Power propelling you towards your dream? Holy Spirit lives within us to empower our gifts and talents. God places those gifts and talents within us and Holy Spirit empowers them. When we allow Holy Spirit to lead and guide us…we don’t make wrong turns. It is only when we take over the navigation that we end up in the wrong place. Our gifts and talents will lie dormant or underused if we don’t allow Holy Spirit to take control. He will guide those gifts in such a way that our dream will come to fruition! He knows what our purpose is and He can guide us to it…if we will allow Him to.

Purpose! We are back to this word. You knew I was coming back to this, didn’t you? But there are many things that affect our achieving our purpose. It’s not enough to find out what it is. It’s not enough to pray about it. It’s not even enough to write the vision down! There must be an ongoing, pursuit of purpose. Pursuit is an action word. We must put some legs on our dreams and go for it. Holy Spirit will lead us but we must follow! Purpose will not fall into our laps. We must go after it with the tenacity of an Olympic contender.

You don’t make it to the Olympics by being lazy or lacking focus. You make it to the Olympics by putting forth your best efforts, focusing on the prize, being persistent in your goal and pushing yourself beyond what is comfortable. You see yourself as an Olympic Gold Medalist!

Perceive it, follow your passion, be persistent and patient, and lock into that Holy Spirit power to achieve it! You can do it or God wouldn’t have placed it within your very being.

I can see it…Can you?


Originally posted on Laurie Webb Ministries.

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From Perception to Purpose!