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By on February 17, 2012

Today is Show and Tell as I want to share some items I keep in my pantry that are premade and shelf stable. Usually when we think of deepening the pantry, our thinking is towards buying in bulk or at least ingredients we put together for meals.

I do realize great savings can be made in making our own mixes and such but I’ve come to appreciate some of these premade items over the years. Especially since there are now only two of us at home.

While I use Uncle Ben’s converted brown rice most of the time (stores better than regular brown rice, which I also use), I do like having the quick version in my pantry. A friend gave me the box of instant brown rice and I’ve been keeping it for just the day I will need it. Other similar items like couscous make for a quick side dish that is pantry friendly.

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I use the Krusteaz Honey Wheat mix all the time for pancakes and the Casbah Hummus mix was given to me to try. Mixes like these where you just add water are also great to keep on hand for emergencies. (I’ve seen the regular buttermilk Krusteaz mix sold in large containers at Wal Mart.)

I make my own hummus most of the time from canned beans, tahini, etc. but I do love the idea of pantry friendly shelf stable mixes. As a side note… I just saw recently where making your own hummus at home instead of buying the container at the grocery store can save you as much as 90% of the cost.

Having shelf stable milk products on hand have saved me more than once in the middle of baking! I would remind you, if you are keeping products such as the Borden milk shown for baking, make certain you purchase at least 2% milk. Many baking recipes are much better when made with 2% or whole milk!

The Coconut Dream will be used in smoothies and the Tazo Chai is actually Christopher’s that he didn’t use. I will never turn down Tazo Chai… yum.

Most of my cake recipes are made from scratch but I always try to keep a few different mixes on hand. I keep pie fillings not for pies… but to mix with the cake mix for delicious cakes. There are all kinds of recipes online for mixing cake mixes with pie filling, pumpkin, canned fruit, etc.

Of course, they can be used for… cakes and pies. 😉

I know these are just a few items from my pantry (which is not all that deep right now!) but I’m hoping they spark your imagination for pre-made shelf stable products for your pantry.

Here’s another look at my favorite pantry pictures. I love the Brambley Hedge books!

This page is technically a kitchen instead of a pantry but it still makes my heart sing.

Note: My friend, Mrs. Rabe, shows how to make the homemade laundry detergent on her blog… here. The “recipe” was requested in the Comments section a couple days ago.


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Pantry Ponderings – Brand name pantry goodies