Outdoor Strength Workout: Fab For Fall

By on September 3, 2014
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By Mirabai Holland−

Fall is one of the best times to exercise outdoors. It’s not too hot or too cold. You can enjoy the weather while you get into shape.

Here are 5 easy exercises to tone you up; no equipment necessary. Try doing them every other day. For the first three start off with 8 reps and build up to 16. For the last 2 (isometric exercises) hold for 10 seconds and build up to 30 seconds. With all these exercises, remember to exhale on the exertion.

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In a matter of a few weeks you should feel your body getting stronger and see it get shapelier.

Warm-up by taking a 10-minute walk. By the tenth minute it should be brisk enough for you to just barely carry on a conversation.

Stop at a wall, a tree or a fence, and do these 5 exercises: two for your upper body and three for your lower.

Here is a video with some easy exercises to tone you up, no equipment necessary. (Explanations written below.)

With all these exercises, remember to exhale on the exertion.
Standing Push Ups:
Stand facing a surface with legs hip width apart and place hands shoulder width apart. Keeping your body straight, lower yourself down to the surface and then push back upright again.
Muscles Worked: Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders

Calf Raises:
Face surface and hold on for balance. With feet together pointing straight ahead, slowly lift your body up on to your toes, while tightening calf, abs and buttocks muscles. Then slowly lower yourself back down again.
Muscles worked: calves, abs, and buttocks.

woman squattingSquats:
Face surface, legs hip with apart. Hold on for balance. Shift weight back into heels. Keeping back straight, abs pulled in; gently bend at the knees and squat to about a 90-degree angle. Hold for a moment, then, using just your leg muscles, return to an upright position.
Muscles worked: Front of thigh (Quads), Back of thigh, (Hamstrings) Buttocks, Abs

Wall Sit:
Stand against surface for back support. Holding on as needed for balance, slide down to a sitting position against wall, knees at about a 90-degree angle. Pull your abs in and hold for 10 to 30 seconds.
Muscles worked: Thighs and Abs

Upper Back Squeeze:
Stand with your back to the surface, feet shoulder width apart. Place hands behind you on surface. Straighten your arms behind you and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds.

Muscles worked: Back, Shoulders, Back of arms (Triceps)

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Outdoor Strength Workout: Fab For Fall