The Organized Shopper- and how to save money on your favorite fashions!

By on June 7, 2012

By JuliAnn Stitick –

Whewwwhewwww! This is a fun one! An organized shopper is a happy shopper (and she saves money)!

1. Set your clothing budget (in writing) BEFORE you get to the register! Like before you leave the house!

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2. Prioritize what you need (in writing on the same page you set your budget)!  Avoid impulse purchases you may later regret.

3. Familiarize yourself on return policies  BEFORE you make your purchases.

4. Save your receipts!! I know it sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many women don’t!

5. Create separate envelopes or file folders for your favorite stores and keep the corresponding receipts in them.

6. Keep the tags on your clothing until you decide to wear it. Often times women will take all of the tags off first, don’t end up wearing the item, then can’t return it. Frustrating and a waste of money!

7.  When you do take the tags off, staple them to the corresponding receipt for easy returns!

BONUS! If you don’t need the item immediately, take down the style number, size and color and search for it on the internet. 9 times out of 10 I am able to find it for a better price online because I have Googled the item and found it at an online store. Then I Google for coupon codes for that store and … YESSSSS a savings! Let me give you an example: I found some shoes I loved at Nine West. I came home and found them online at Macy’s. I Googled “coupon codes Macy’s” and ended up getting 20% off, plus free shipping. It pays to do your research (and be patient, I know, I know… !)

Take those pens out and set that budget, prioritize, research and look mahvelous dahling!

We girls need to stick together…

What are your organized shopping and money saving tips?


JuliAnn started her stylist career at Nordstrom, where she was a personal shopper in the Personal Touch Department. She quickly became a sought after image consultant because of her ability to understand a client’s personality and match a wardrobe to each individual style. Wardrobe Rx was born out of her clients’ requests that she make house calls and perform personal Wardrobe Audits. JuliAnn realized that this one-on-one consulting was what she loved and decided to develop her own independent business of Wardrobe Rx. Her Website:

About JuliAnn Stitick

JuliAnn Stitick, CEO and Founder of Your Success Style, is a World Class Image Expert and International Speaker. With over 20 years in image she actively speaks, trains and provides business and personal image consultations for clients ranging from the boardroom to the entrepreneur to the full-time domestic goddess. JuliAnn styles for the Oscars and achieves ongoing accolades from organizations including Nordstrom, Lexus, Marriott, and The Capital Group, to name a few. Your offers a heart-centered approach to image, you will find her at:

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The Organized Shopper- and how to save money on your favorite fashions!