Only A Fool Doesn’t Refuel

By on September 1, 2013

Over a week ago, I shared that I was taking 3 days off for a digital sabbath. It actually turned out to be quite a bit longer as I was out of the country and the info I had thought I had scheduled to share did not actually post, on any social media site.

Turns out, it was just as well. In the absence of social media, I learned many things. Here are just a few.

1) Life can and will go on whether you are part of a social community or not. Those who love you will continue to remain faithful  even if you are digitally silent for days or a week.

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2) Sometimes I spend too much time in faceless contact and too little face to face. I thoroughly enjoyed the perspectives of people whose faces I could see and whose emotions were not disguised.

3) What’s really important becomes known despite limited access to media.

4)  More, Better and Faster are overrated.

But, I also learned many other things as well. I learned that viewing a sunrise or sunset over a beautiful tropical island is far more hypnotic than looking at a picture of it, that smiles are understood even when the language is not, that simple living is sometimes simply living and that I am mesmerized by so much beauty easily overlooked when days are spent in the pursuit of something more in the name of “happiness”.

Sometimes our lives get in the way of living.

Taking a “breather” is one of the best exercises you will ever do to make progress in your life.

I became more adventurous and tried ziplining and oxtails.

I improved my concentration watching  a small iguana eat its lunch.

I worked on time management skills making sure I could take in a half day tour of a new city without sacrificing a sunset catamaran sailing.

I fueled my creativity by imagining what my own life would be like minus the car, the yardwork, the traffic, the hectic pace of everyday life.

I discovered my peace of mind just listening to the waves crashing into nature.

I added to my store of blessings, heartfelt gratitude in being able to enjoy this break


I found my fire in the realization that there constantly are Amazing and Wonderful Opportunities Just Waiting For Us to Experience Them. If we just slow down and notice what is around us.

Maybe a break is just what you need to find the fuel to jump start your dreams.

It need not be on some exotic island or cost half a year’s wages. Find your break in the million of little things we all take for granted.

Sit outside after dark some evening and wait for shooting stars. Wake up before anyone else and watch the sunrise. Grab a good book and a favorite drink and treat yourself to some “me time”. Take a drive with no real destination or visit an animal shelter and take a pet for a walk. Maybe a break means window shopping with a good friend or packing a lunch and going to a park to eat it and people watch. Maybe it’s just a nap or a trip to the attic to find that old easel and spend an afternoon painting whatever inspires you.

If you’re feeling like you can’t get the fuel you need to get your “passion” started maybe it’s waiting for you in the time you take to just “be’, just “relax” and just “take a break”.

Fuel has many different components. Sometimes the right mix is found when you are not looking for it.

What does your “pause that refreshes” look like?


Originally posted on Finding Your Fire.

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Only A Fool Doesn’t Refuel