Why Older People Should Gradually Drive Less Often

By on September 19, 2019

It is a privilege to be able to drive that is afforded to all people who have a driver’s license. However, with that great privilege comes great responsibility. Driving can pose a danger to those who are not in any condition to do so. This could entail being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, inadequate sleep and other factors. 

One such factor could include being at an advanced age. Unfortunately, there will come a point in time where one person will reach a certain point where they can pose a danger to themselves and others on the road because their age could impact their ability to drive safely. Here is why older people should be encouraged to drive less often.

As we get older, we are not usually as sharp with all of our senses, and we need all of them to ensure the safety and security for those who share the road with us. Some of the challenges that are associated with advanced age include the inability to identify hazards, obstacles, road signs, and other important markings. As a driver, it is always important to be reactive and alert. These behaviors gradually get weaker as we get older. Not being able to identify some of these hazards in time could result in an accident and serious harm. 

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Being able to drive safely also entails that one is able to have the decent physical strength and adequate range of motion. A delayed response to quick decisions are important when operating a vehicle can lead to more accidents. On the road, drivers should not assume anything and always expect the unexpected. An older person may be limited in these situations.

Older people also are more heavily impacted by disorders that impair our senses and physical bodies to a great degree. Some of these more common conditions that affect the elderly more are, but are not limited to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, arthritis, glaucoma, diabetes and seizure disorders. All of these conditions can either cause great physical harm, impair one’s neurological system or cause impairment in judgment. 

This essentially means that all of the necessary factors of being a safe driver would be wiped away. Some of the warning signs of these conditions could be observed at home. Therefore, they should be stopped from entering a vehicle if they are having struggles with activities of daily living.

Another factor to consider is the side effects of medications that older people may be taking. The elderly often deal with issues surrounding the cardiovascular system, such as an irregular heartbeat or blood pressure. Some of these medications, while helpful, can also result in side effects that cause deficiencies in other areas. Some of these side effects could cause drowsiness and dizziness. Combined with advanced age, these symptoms could easily cause a crash because their attentiveness is being heavily impacted.

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Why Older People Should Gradually Drive Less Often