Nutritional Cleansing: Spring Clean Your Body

By on April 30, 2011

By Wendy Hanlan –

Winter in my home town is not for sissies.

You’ve got to be made of some pretty tough stuff to survive an Alberta, Canada winter AND maintain a positive attitude. I’m not alone in my tendency to hibernate in cold weather and comfort myself with robust red wine and hearty winter food. One of the benefits of cold weather is having to wear bulky sweaters and long coats – it hides all the winter sins that have manifested themselves on my thighs and butt.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

I enjoy my ”snow bird” status

A Canadian’s right of passage is to fly south to escape the winter blah’s. I myself like to take flight right around the time when I just can’t take it anymore…on the cusp of spring with it’s promise of longer days, blooming tulips and warm sunshine. Our species like to flock to resorts all over the US and Mexico to sun our pasty white bodies on the beach and sip cocktails with little pink umbrellas in them. I plan on exercising my right of passage this Spring, but before I can depart for paradise, I will need to atone for all of the carb crimes I’ve been committing since Thanksgiving so I can get into my summer clothes.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Most people do a spring cleaning for their homes and offices during this time of year to refresh their living spaces and get organized. I’m going to do a spring cleaning of my body to regain the mental clarity and energy that winter so efficiently sucks right out of you.

So What Is Cleansing?

Our bodies accumulate impurities due to stress, pollution and bad food choices. Eventually we lose the ability to eliminate them efficiently and we end up storing it as waste in our fat cells. The result is a slowing down your metabolism, which regulates nutrient use, energy production, and weight. A slow metabolism makes you feel sluggish, you also might find you’re having trouble concentrating and you’re catching every cold and flu bug that passes you by. As we age, it becomes more and more important to cleanse our bodies of these impurities because we’ve had more time on the earth to soak up all that toxic waste!

Throughout history, cultures have cleansed to help support good health. Through a combination of this ancient wisdom and modern science, there is a new way called “Nutritional Cleansing”. I do a 9 day nutritional cleanse that cleans and replenishes my cells, and in the process, unlocks my body’s natural ability to:

Shed unwanted pounds and inches
Cleanse harmful impurities from my system
Burn fat and build muscle
Reduce unhealthy cravings
Gain energy and improve mental clarity

I WILL fit into my swimsuit again!!

I really love doing this cleanse at least once a year. All I can say is the results I get from committing myself to the 9 day process helps me keep my weight in check and it allows me to eat and live like a 20 year old. Really! It’s the best tool kit I’ve come across in the fight against the mid life spread.

Are you interested in learning more about cleansing? Click here to book a telephone consultation with me!

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Wendy Hanlan, a business owner and entrepreneur, discovered a passion after turning 40 years old. She realized that turning 40 wasn't an end, but rather the beginning of a powerful new phase of life. Wanting to help other women discover their power and have the resources they need for mastering midlife, she created the website Mastering The Art of Midlife – A Guide For Women 40+. Her mission is to "share the secrets of happiness and fulfillment in midlife."

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Nutritional Cleansing: Spring Clean Your Body