Now Could Be the Best Time for Real Estate Investing

real estate investing

it Typically when investors are running in one direction, the brave enough ones run in the opposite direction for the great rewards. Real estate investing may appear to only be for the crazy ones, but times like this create opportunities for the brave.

Real estate investing is a great opportunity for long term rewards and security backed investments. Here are 5 thoughts about real estate investing as we claw our way out of the pandemic.

Sky-high demand for renovated properties (flipped houses)

The real estate market is performing incredibly well despite all of the volatility in the other markets. Single-family housing has gone up in value significantly and it is expected to continue. As people search for a place to live due to low inventory which is forcing buyers to wait longer to find their home.

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Huge rental demand (held properties)

The same driving force that is making it hard to find Single-family homes is exactly what is causing rental demand to increase as well. Rental housing demand has climbed up from last year as well as people searching for a place to get into so they can just get out of their current living situation. Property taxes have increased dramatically in many places all over in the last 5 years. This is making it harder for people to afford homes. The demand for housing has not decreased, keeping the prices of the market sky-high.

Property value appreciation growing at record paces

Reports from the various Realtor Associations are showing record increases in property value as the demand surges. If you are an investor this is obviously great for you while you collect rent and let the appreciated value of the home increase over time. As long as your property is cash flowing to you monthly and covering the mortgage payment, it’s clearly a great time to be a real estate investor.

People pay more than for their pets

It is very difficult to find an apartment that will let you have your dogs and cats. Those unwilling to part with their animals are paying higher rents for single-family homes. This has led to an increased demand for rental housing that allows for animals and people. Renters are paying an average of 5%-10% more rent monthly to do so. Increasing the overall cash flow of the investment and putting more money in the pockets of landlords.

Remote work permanently changes the real estate investing landscape

The biggest reason why it’s a great time for real estate investing is the location! You do not necessarily need to buy an apartment building near the city or public transportation anymore. People are very willing to rent in locations that are a little further from the traditional locations. Without the commute, people can now live closer to relatives and where they want to. This makes it easier than ever to be a landlord because you do not have to find “prime” locations. Renters are willing to live in places that are more secluded, private, and further from their local city.

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Now Could Be the Best Time for Real Estate Investing
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