All You Need To Know About a Wedding In The Dominican Republic

By on December 21, 2018
Dominican Republic Wedding

The Dominican Republic is undoubtedly the world leader in the wedding industry. And this is quite natural because of the extraordinary nature of the country, its magical beaches, and mild climate. Every year, both demand and supply for this type of service grow, and now it is popular not only among celebrities but also among ordinary people.

So, if you decide to give each other a vow of loyalty in an exotic place, then we want to help you organize your Dominican Republic wedding. This article will help you make decisions on key points and ways to organize, budget plan, and hire a destination wedding photographer in Punta Cana.

Two Different Approaches

The program of such a ceremony can be thought up independently or you can use the services of specialist agencies.

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What Can You Get from a Wedding Agency?

The wedding ceremonies are organized by many tour operators and wedding agencies. You can choose an intermediary while still at home, or plan everything directly while in the Dominican Republic. In almost every hotel in the Dominican Republic, there is a person who deals with such issues and they have dozens of ideas and photos of Caribbean wedding ceremonies. In addition to the traditional Dominican Republic beach wedding, tourists are offered ceremonies in the grand hall of their hotel, in the jungle, on an island, on a yacht in the middle of the sea, and even on the seabed.

The most original organizers go even further and arrange the real abduction of the bride by Caribbean pirates. Usually, several well-dressed local artists take part in the ceremony, as well as a wedding photographer. To preserve the memory of such a solemn event, a symbolic (if you have chosen a symbolic ceremony) marriage certificate is usually presented.

If You Want to Organize Everything Independently

Despite the opportunity to save money, a completely independent organization of your wedding has many pitfalls. Poor knowledge of the language, local prices, and the specifics of the legislation can play out as a bad joke and end up with excessive costs. However, it is quite real to organize a wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic without third-party services, but you should study all the nuances in detail in order to avoid any issues.

The Best Time for Wedding

The weather here remains hospitable all year round. But the best days (the high season) are still from January to April. From September to May, the air temperature is the most comfortable – 26℃ (78,8 °F). The summer months are the hottest. Water is almost always 26-27℃ (78,8 – 80,6°F ).

The Official and Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

One of the main things you should decide on when planning Dominican Republic destination wedding is the type of ceremony you want to have. Any couple is free to choose the official marriage registration or hold a symbolic ceremony to make the great photos.

For official registration in the Dominican Republic you need to have the following list of documents:

  • a copy of your birth certificate

  • a notarized statement that neither of the newlyweds is legally married

  • an international passport

Documents must have an apostille and be translated into Spanish. After that, these documents must be legalized by contacting the consulate of the Dominican Republic.

After the official procedure, the newlyweds receive a certificate, which must then be legalized in your homeland.

As for the symbolic ceremony, everything is easier. It is carried out separately from the official registration and is rather a tradition, during which you can conduct the procedures of:

  • pronouncing an oath of allegiance

  • ring exchange

  • marriage blessing

  • the first kiss

A symbolic wedding has several distinct advantages.

  • No need to issue and pay for documents.

  • You do not need official papers. Most often, the marriage itself is registered at home before the symbolic rite.

  • You do not need to pay for the services of the official conducting the registration.

  • You can choose any wedding month/date.

Choosing a Dress/Suit

The bride’s dress is the most important wedding attribute, and its choice is an event itself! For a wedding in Dominican Republic, it is best to give preference to lightweight fabrics, in order to feel comfortable during the marriage.

The same applies to the groom’s suit. Jackets and other elements of the official will be superfluous, the best option is elegant summer pants and a shirt made of lightweight fabrics.

We also advise brides to choose comfortable shoes: the popular beach ceremony involves the presence of sand, and it is rather difficult and sometimes dangerous to move around in heels or platforms.

How to Hire a Photographer

After you have determined the location of the venue and the organizers, you should think about the photographer. Some agencies work only with their photographers and do not cooperate with others.

There are also agencies who collaborate with various Dominican photographers and you will be able to view wedding photos in the Dominican Republic made by them. You can make an independent choice, but we kindly advise you to ask for recommendations in advance.

The Cost of a Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Prices for the wedding ceremony are quite affordable. On average, you will have to pay $1,500, it will all depend on the things you choose to go with. Naturally, the price of a wedding package depends on the number of services included in it. Some companies have many offers, (such as a photographer, makeup, a bouquet for the bride and other important services for the newlyweds and guests) already included in the package, and some take extra money for this.

In any case, no matter what you choose, Dominican nature will give you a piece of paradise with its extraordinary exotic features: coral reefs, tropical vegetation, incredibly white sand, all bringing romance and good moods and leaving only good things in your memory. Maybe in a few years, you will want to go back, refreshing your feelings and repeating your honeymoon.


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All You Need To Know About a Wedding In The Dominican Republic