A Half Marathon: Learn How To Take Strategic Actions, Build More Passion And Become A Conduit For Wealth

By on June 1, 2012

Do you need more confidence? Maybe your an entrepreneur like most of my clients (or their building a business on the side) and you have done the yo-yo diet thing and are tired of it. Maybe your one of those people that DEEP DOWN in your heart, you have a passion to change the world. Well, if that’s you, I have a challenge for you that is DOABLE and my clients have said CHANGED THEIR LIVES. Are you ready for your mission?

If you choose to accept it, it’s walk/trotting a HALF MARATHON!

Okay, before you check out on me…..I just want to share with you, almost every single client who does one with me said out of their mouth, “I could never do a half-marathon”. Secondly, when they crossed the finished line, they said it changed their lives. Third, they said it gave them courage to pursue their next identity. Last and I hope this cinches the deal, you will lose weight AND raise money for sex trafficking victims.

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So, if your still reading, here’s your strategic steps. First, you need to step out in faith to accept a BIG INVITATION. One that you believe you could not accomplish without God’s help. Promotion comes from stewarding incremental success. Every great man or woman who has impacted others with their lives, was COACHABLE but began by RECEIVING in FAITH a big invitation.

Secondly, when you receive your invitation, it is often in the middle of when you feel the most lack. That is why you need to understand how to think strategically and just take one step at a time by becoming mechanical with your actions. You will be amazed at how God makes a way for your success when you refuse to back down and you move forward in faith to pursue your passions. Here’s a quick video of how one client transitioned into more financial success and guess what? It all started with building a Bold Physical Identity!

Third, be prepared to change lives globally. When we do our half-marathons, we ask 20 people to give us 20.00 for the victims of sex trafficking organization the Not For Sale Campaign. Think about it, YOU~have the opportunity to become a conduit for wealth for those who are victimized in the worst way possible. We will be training by tele-conference and in person in Atlanta starting in August of 2012. If you miss this one, no worries, we do them twice a year. If you have a desire to harness all your potential into RESULTS or any questions about if this half marathon is right for you, email me at [email protected] Need more understanding on how to think strategically? Access my Free Resource Page here for a free 60 minute audio on the subject!


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A Half Marathon: Learn How To Take Strategic Actions, Build More Passion And Become A Conduit For Wealth