Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels Effectively

By on October 17, 2019
Blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes is known as a lifestyle acquired medical condition. It means that your pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, which causes your glucose levels to increase. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide have diabetes and struggle with their blood sugar levels. However, the majority of the cases are lifestyle acquired, which is type 2 diabetes.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be depressing to some people because, for them, it means giving up sweets and fatty foods. Having diabetes does not mean that you have to stop eating your favourite foods. There could be some changes in your lifestyle, but with awareness and discipline, you can manage this health condition. We gathered a list of tips that can help you attain normal blood sugar levels and avoid the complications caused by diabetes.

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Watch out for your food intake

If you have diabetes, you have to be aware of the types of food that can cause your sugar levels to spike. Measure the number of carbohydrates that you eat each meal. You can eat an average serving of protein and vegetables and a minimal amount of fruits. Stay away from sodas and fruit juices that can contribute to the increase of your blood sugar.

Exercise regularly

Even if you do not have diabetes, exercise should play a significant role in your overall health. Even low impact exercises help your body utilize insulin resulting in controlled blood sugar levels. You can start exercising three times a week for thirty minutes per session. Activities like brisk walking, gardening, house chores and biking around the neighbourhood can do wonders for your blood sugar levels.

Get adequate sleep

Deficient sleep can cause a lot of stress and fatigue in the body. When you are feeling stressed, your body produces certain hormones that increase your blood glucose levels. Establish a regular sleeping pattern every day so you can sleep for eight hours straight every day.

Take your medicine

If you are prescribed maintenance medicines, including insulin, make sure to take them religiously. Doing this will avoid incidents of hypo and hyperglycaemia which can be fatal. Also, it will help to prevent complications like blindness, kidney failure, heart problems and other ailments secondary to having diabetes. Do not forget to set an appointment with your doctor at least once a month to monitor your condition.

Test your glucose levels

If you have diabetes, your blood sugar can rise and fall anytime. It is best to invest in a glucometer, making it easier to monitor your blood sugar. Ideally, you should test your sugar twice a day. If your glucose levels are usually high, its best to see your doctor right away.

Lastly, you should look into alternative medications that help lower blood sugar levels like CBD isolate based products. Studies say that medical cannabis can help reduce inflammation inside the human body. This product also aids in controlling high glucose levels which are caused by type 2 diabetes. Together with a balanced diet and exercise, you could still live a healthy life just like any person.


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Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels Effectively