Makeup for Mature Skin

By on August 2, 2020
Makeup for Mature Skin

Finding the right makeup for mature skin can be extremely difficult. Knowing how to apply makeup on mature skin can be difficult too. Let’s face it, getting older is challenging. But, consider it adventure rather than a problem. I think we forget how many times we applied makeup in our early teen (or younger) years and we looked like a science experiment! Or perhaps that was just me? 

Finding the right makeup for mature skin

Foundation for Mature Skin

Wrinkles and fine lines add to the difficulty of not only applying makeup, but keeping it from seeping into the lines through the day is the trick. Having a light-weighted, moisturizing foundation is important and also not applying full coverage. We recommend a foundation like Chantecaille Future Gel Foundation. Use it to cover only that which you need to and enhance or accentuate what you want. You’ll have flawless, fresh, and beautiful skin all day long. It’s also encouraging to know that it’s one of Jane Fonda’s “go to” foundations. 

Eye Makeup for Mature Skin

The trick to great eye makeup is actually before any makeup is even applied. Always use an eye serum or eye cream in your daily skin care routine. Always. Eye cream helps plump the skin, reducing the fine lines and hydrates your skin under the eye. Then the next trick is to always use an eye primer. A good primer will reduce the the makeup from seeping into your eye creases and keep your makeup smooth for longer. Once the primer has had time to set (we recommend at least two minutes) start applying your eye shadow. Less is always more in our opinion… heavier makeup application can make you look older and not younger. Finish off with (our personal favorite) Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara for a polished but natural, thick and long lashes look. 

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Blush, Contour, and Highlighter for Mature Skin

A cream blush for women over 50 may be better than powder for mature skin. Try to find a color that enhances your cheek bones and gives you that “blushed” look rather than making you look like a cheeky clown. Your blush should not be used as your contour or highlighter either. Be careful when applying your contour that you don’t focus on the sunken or hollow areas of your face. As we age, areas around our temples, eyes, and cheek bones become more hollow looking and applying too much (or any) contour in these areas will make you look older. Give a light stroke of contour along your jawline and a straighter line slightly under the cheek bone up toward your ears for a lifted, youthful look. For a highlighter, the most important tip we can give you is to use a color best suited for your complexion. Pearl, silver, or light pink is best suited for fair skin. While champagne and peachy colors are better suited for olive/tanned skin tones and bronze, copper, or gold look great on darker skin tones. The next best advice we can give is the “less is more” tip. 

Lipstick and Lip Gloss for Mature Skin

Aging lips means more creases for lipstick to seep into and dry out. Our best advice is to use a lipstick or lip gloss that has a plumper/collagen in it.  One of our favorites for an every day gloss is one that plumps your lips and looks beautifully natural. When dressing for the office or a night out, you want a lipstick that moisturizes, sculpts and lasts longer. We would suggest the Estée Lauder Pure Sculpting Lipstick which lasts six hours and does everything it claims. 

Every woman has her preference when it comes to wearing makeup. Some prefer the bolder look while others prefer a natural look. Whatever your preference is, always find the right makeup for your maturing skin. This will give you confidence when wearing it and your skin will thank you!

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Makeup for Mature Skin