How To Make Your Home Safe for Seniors

By on July 15, 2019

There are many hazards present in homes that can make everyday life difficult for seniors. If you are looking to share your living space with an older individual either temporarily or permanently, it is important to make your home senior safe. Consider a few of the following tips to help fall-proof your home and make it more accessible to everyone.

Secure Your Stairs

Many individuals have difficulty safely ascending and descending stairs. For some outdoor areas, an alternative such as a ramp may be an option. Ramps help ensure that your home is easily accessible even if someone uses a wheelchair. If you have a multilevel home, investing in a stair lift can be worthwhile. A stair lift helps protect older individuals as they travel to different floors while ensuring they maintain their independence. In areas where stairs cannot be replaced by ramps or have stair lifts installed, ensure that there are easily accessible, sturdy handrails in place.

Use Non-Slip Surfaces

In areas that are prone to slippery surfaces such as the inside of the shower, make use of non-slip products. Use strips or mats to help prevent accidental slips and falls. If possible, install handrails by tubs or inside shower areas to make maneuvering safer. Non-slip mats can also be used in places that are prone to liquid spills such as tiled areas in front of the kitchen sink or laundry room.

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Keep Walking Areas Neat

Make sure that frequently traveled areas are clear of debris and obstructions. Make sure that carpet is properly affixed to the ground to avoid tripping hazards. Keep clutter out of hallways and walking areas around furniture. Practice cable management to ensure that any loose wires are properly secured so that they don’t create hazards. If you must direct a wire across a walking area, make sure it’s safely secured to the surface below it and covered by a protective strip to prevent tripping, such as a rubber cord cover.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

Make sure your home is well-lit to avoid accidents in dark areas. Install night lights that will light up frequently traveled areas in the middle of the night, such as the hallways that lead to the bathroom or kitchen.

Investing time into making your home safer for seniors will help your older guests feel more comfortable regardless of whether they’re staying temporarily or permanently. With a few changes, you can make your home a safe place to be.


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How To Make Your Home Safe for Seniors