Lucy and The Wardrobe (and the Mamey Smoothie)

By on July 25, 2012

I was in Burbank with my girls recently. Our intention was to get a quick bite (and some provisions to bring home) from Portos. Portos is a divine Cuban Bakery that’s not too close to where we live, but very drivable in a pinch. And we had business in Burbank so we weren’t even cheating.

Of course we were deluding ourselves. A trip to Portos takes time and great care and planning. And we always spend lots of time enjoying all the wonderful Cuban sandwiches and pastries. It’s a treat to be relished with great relish.

As soon as we walked in we saw… The Photo.

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Mamey Smoothie? GUAT??

The world began moving in slow motion.
Must. Try. The. Smoothie.

So my girls and I ordered sandwiches (Pan con Bistec for me, Ropa Vieja for Lucy, Pan con Lechon for Amy) and, of course, mamey smoothies for all!

We were privileged to visit the Disney Archives a bit later. And we got to touch the wardrobe. You know THE WARDROBE. From “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe!”

So, just to recap: Mamey Smoothies from Portos and the Disney Archives all in one Magical Night. Oh, and the smoothies? To die for!

Everything couldn’t have been more perfect. In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised to step into the wardrobe to find La Calle Ocho on the other side. (Quick departure into that fantasy….makes me laugh out loud at the thought.)

Or maybe that was wishful thinking? Either way, we got our smoothies and a trip around the Disney Pictures Backlot. Win/Win.

What a wonderful way to spend a summer day. (And night.)

No run-ins with any Ice Queen either, but that’s not important right now. Que Rico!

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Lucy and The Wardrobe (and the Mamey Smoothie)