What to Look Out For in Italian Dishes?

By on October 6, 2018
Italian Dishes and Cuisine

Italian Dishes and Cuisine

Italy continues to be a must-see place to visit on almost everyone’s bucket list. The cultural experience, art and architecture, as well as the cuisine of Italian dishes are one of a kind. Italy has it all! With its welcoming natural beauty, a one-week visit can never be enough to check off everything on the list and all that Italy has to offer. 

When it comes to the food, Italy is celebrated for its delicious Italian cuisine. Without saying much, here are the top six dishes that you should look out for during our stay in Italy or in the Italian restaurants across the globe:

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Italian Dishes and Cuisine


Its golden brown and crunchy nature is one that will leave you yearning for more. Arancini is a meal of stuffed rice balls, and which can give you a taste of Italy’s rich recipe. The rice is usually coated in a dusting of crunchy breadcrumbs to form the balls. The rice balls are then fried to give the mouth-watering dish.


The rice balls are then stuffed with tomato sauce, ragu, peas, and mozzarella to make them extra delicious. The exciting thing is that you will find different varieties of arancini in the restaurants. For example, there is the arancini con rogu which contains the rice stuffed with mozzarella, and tomato sauce. Also, there is arancini con burro which is prepared from creamy béchamel sauce. Therefore, you should make a point of sampling the different variations of arancini, and get to see which one suits you.


As many visitors would agree, a trip to Italy will always feel incomplete without the taste of Italian-style ice-cream. The gelaterias are almost everywhere, and so you can never have an excuse of missing. Furthermore, the gelatos come in a wide array of flavors and are served in either a cone or a cup.

The Italian ice-creams are extra soft and comprise of new ingredients which will always give one a delightful treat. For the fruit, biscuit, nut lovers among many other flavors, there is still a cone of ice for you in those Italian restaurants.


The city of Naples or Napoli, as popularly known by many individuals, isn’t only a port and a tourist center. The town is said to be behind the famous lasagna, a classic Italian dish that you should never miss. Lasagne comprises sheets of lasagne pasta filled with ground meat, vegetables, cheese, and various sauces.


Tomato sauce, béchamel, and ragu are the most commonly used sauces when it comes to preparing the lasagne. Each of the sauce used gives the dish a unique taste and hence making it a must-eat meal either during your trip to Italy or in those Italian restaurants across the world.

4.Osso buco alla Milanese

For the meat lovers, Italians know how to offer the best meat. This particular dish can be found in various Italian restaurants including Maslcaone Ristorante. It is made of tender pieces of calf meat, and which are simmered in white wine to give a tasty delicacy. The dish is served with a variety of vegetables, and that’s based on your likings.

Also, there is usually a serving of aromatic gremolata, garlic, condimental made with lemon zest and parsley, all which make the meal delicious. Surprisingly, the delicacy doesn’t end with clearing everything in the plate, scooping out and savoring the creamy marrow is usually the best part of the game.


According to the Italian’s history, ribollita was once the meal for the poor and the servants. However, in the past few decades, it’s considered a delicious food, and that is enjoyed by everyone. Long ago, the servants would collect unfinished food such as bread and vegetables from their masters. The collected items were boiled in water, and hence the meal, ribollita. In the recent past, ribollita has gained popularity in Italy, as well as, in various Italian restaurants around the world. You should also get a taste of this delicacy. It is rich in nutrients and known to be a healthy dish that one can ever have.


As many would agree, you can never discuss the Italian dishes without including prosciutto. Today, it remains many people’s favorite meal. Prosciutto is made from dry-cured ham. The ham is usually cut in thin slices and served uncooked. The northern and central parts of Italy are known for offering the finest and priciest prosciutto. Today, many Italian restaurants serve prosciutto wrapped around pieces of cheese or with sweet melons. Also, some restaurants serve the dish with pasta, and it’s delicious.

Italy is prominent for many things such as the rich culture, art, natural beauty. Also, when it comes to food, Italians boast of having the sweetest recipes. In the article, there are top six Italian dishes that you should taste to get a clear picture of the Italian cuisine.

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What to Look Out For in Italian Dishes?