Latest Holiday Fashion Accessory: Wigs

By on December 17, 2019

‘Tis the season to dress up for the holidays, and thanks to high-power celebrities the likes of Cardi B, Katy Perry and the Kardashians, wigs have become the latest fashion accessory. In fact, the wig market is skyrocketing globally, growing at an annual rate of about nine percent and expected to reach revenues of more than $10 billion by 2023.

In Brooklyn, Shevy Wigs — the No. 1 worldwide supplier of top quality European human hair wigs — is experiencing this boom first hand, attracting clientele from across the world into its store, or through online appointments and distributors.

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According to industry experts, A-list trendsetters are not the only reason for the market boom. At the other end of the ‘notice me’ wig spectrum, is a rapidly-growing silent population of those who don’t want it known that they’re wearing one. Not only does this include rising numbers of people with cancer and alopecia-related hair loss, but also a new breed of wig wearers: middle-age women who want to look younger.

“More and more consumers of all ages are visible online and have a personal brand. For many, that brand is integral to their status, and great hair, whether it’s what they were born with or from a wig, only boosts that status,” said Lisa Feierstein, Senior Trend Strategist at TrendWatching’s New York office.

Shevy Emanuel, the owner of Brooklyn-based Shevy Wigs, says she is seeing a surge of customers in the 45+ age range. A middle-age wig wearer herself, Emanuel — who is a hairdresser and licensed cosmetologist by trade — understands first hand that sporting great hair is key to looking and feeling younger.

“Our wigs are designed to be so natural and seamless, that it’s impossible to tell someone is wearing one, so it’s understandable that many of our clients wouldn’t admit that they do – and why should they? It’s a beauty accessory like any other,” she said.Wigs

Top wig trends

According to Emanuel, the latest trends in wigs, sported by wig wearers of all ages, are:

Minimalist look

A stark difference to the demand the market has seen the last couple of years for fullness, height and body, today’s trending wigs are flat and lightweight. Think Kardashian-style straight, unstyled strands, resting close to the head with a defined middle part. This includes wigs made from nets that are ultra-flat, thin, lightweight and flexible.

Tousled elegance

For those looking for slightly more style but kept to a minimum, tousled, naturally-wavy hair is also in vogue. With a look that appears “undone,” it screams the message that you didn’t try too hard while still appearing chic.

Soft highlights

No matter what the color, style or length of wig, highlights in pastel and gold tones or the gently-melting look of balayage, hand-painted on a slightly darker shade of hair, are super fashionable. It’s all about creating soft, subtle and natural-looking sun-kissed strands.

Curtain bangs

Worn on the forehead or swept away from the face, stylish curtain bangs are making a comeback. Versatile and sassy, center-parted, long, wispy bangs conveniently allow for different looks depending on one’s mood, while delivering an air of sophistication.


Handmade wigs

Custom-made options with built-in lace fronts — providing the appearance of a natural hair line — all-directional parts that mimic an actual head of hair, and ultra-comfortable, malleable, lightweight caps with single-knotted, hand-tied strands that give the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp, are must-haves among those who can afford it.

All of these trends are reflective of the natural look and feel today’s consumers are after. People have become more comfortable treating their wigs like real hair and aren’t afraid to part them any which way, braid them, put them in a ponytail or dress them up with hair accessories. Thankfully, wig construction has come such a long way that there are now many options out there that enable them to do so.

With party season here, the benefits of having a wig go beyond the striking looks — they’re simple for anyone to put on at the beginning or end of the day and instantly look put together, she said. Ultimately, the less time someone spends on their hair, the more time they have to enjoy the holiday season.


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Latest Holiday Fashion Accessory: Wigs