Knockout Tips for Chaos in Your Closet

By on August 1, 2013

By Wendy Lyn Phillips –

Purging and de-cluttering your closet! I suppose summer is just as a good a time as any to do it, right? If you have kids, then it’s most likely going to happen since they so often grow out of their clothes and we need to see what they have/need before school starts, right? Well, here’s my thoughts and some helpful tips…Then you get to watch a video from the real Organizing Pro: Lorie Marrero from The Clutter Diet!
  • When you find a piece that you haven’t worn in over a year, ask yourself “Why” – if it no longer fits, it goes! If it’s because it’s primarily for special occasions, move it to another “seasonal/holiday” closet where you keep all of those similar items. If you never liked it in the first place, again – ask Why? and Learn the Buying boo-boo lesson! Then…pass it on.
  • To Pass items on, you have basically 3 options:

Wendy Lyn Phillips photo organized closet1. Trash Can to throw it away

2. Garbage Bag to give it away (Many great causes to support! Goodwill will accept items that are slightly torn or even stained)

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3. Bin to consign / sell it

  • If it seems to overwhelming to de-clutter your entire closet in one setting; Break it up into sections: Do your Lingerie/Nighties/Undergarments Drawer at one time and then your jewelry or shoes another time. I have found belts that I have had for 20+ years and although I haven’t worn them in a while, they are now back in style! Keeping things organized allows for easy finds AND SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY!!!
  • Lastly, remember that FIT AND PERSONAL PREFERENCE are the two key components of deciding what you should keep and what should go. There’s simply NO NEED FOR CHAOS IN YOUR CLOSET! Watch below and get more tips!

Clutter Video Tip: 5 Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe Closet Like a Pro

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Knockout Tips for Chaos in Your Closet