Jesus the Healer and Women

By on March 27, 2013

Jesus the Healer & Women
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Ever since I taught the Gospels of Matthew and John when I was a teaching leader with Bible Study Fellowship, I’ve loved looking at how Jesus relates to women. I want to share some quick thoughts from Luke 8:43-48 on the woman with the issue of blood.

  • Jesus stopped and sought out the person who had approached him in faith. Often, as women, we get frustrated by men who won’t stop or give us their full attention. But, Jesus stops and listens to whatever is concerning us. He recognizes our need for His touch of healing.
  • Jesus paid attention and showed respect. He didn’t dismiss, demean, or show disgust as she told him the details of her affliction. He listened, without pressuring her to hurry up!
  • Jesus’ attitude and demeanor gave the woman courage. She spoke the most personal details in front of not only Him, but also a crowd that was likely predominantly male.
  • Jesus recognized and affirmed her faith. He blessed her by His acceptance and told her to go in peace.

As I reflected on this story and delighted in the character of God as evidenced in Jesus, a couple of questions came to me. Maybe they are ones to ask yourself:

  • What bleeds the strength, hope, and joy out of my life?
  • What would it look like to experience Jesus’ healing? How can my faith in Him heal me?
  • Am I willing to  take the time to press through the crowd of activities in my life to come close enough to touch Him? What will I ask Him to do in me or for me?

I hope you’ll be brave and share your response in the comments section below.

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Jesus the Healer and Women