It’s Your Turn to Shine!

By on March 1, 2014
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By Barbara Franzen –

If you’re a mature woman over fifty, you might feel a pull when it comes to indulging yourself: When you were younger and taking care of the kids and up to you eyebrows with your career, all you could do was fall into bed at night, dreading the buzz of the alarm the next morning. During those years no one cared what you did with your time, because everyone, but you, owned your time. During those few moments that you had to yourself, you dreamed of the day you could lavish the hours away on a passion of your own without interruption.

As women we give heavily of ourselves and though it’s a biological need of ours to nurture and care for others, we also have wants of our own. It’s not that our husbands don’t sacrifice because they do, but it seems that when the kids are growing up, more often than not, it’s the man who plays golf until late seven or eight on the summer evenings or watches NFL, while we catch up on the house or take the kids to ballet lessons.

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At long last, but sooner than we think, the time comes when we can take a break from the pots and pans, stick the vacuum in the closet, and hire the wash done. It’s our turn to pour our passions into art lessons or start writing the all-consuming novel we’ve waited to write or play bridge five times a week… But does it happen like that? Just as we ready ourselves for a bath in self-indulgence, husbands retire and the “now grown” children want us to act like mature women who can babysit 24/7 instead of being fulfilling those lifelong dreams. We can be made to feel “selfish or silly” for wanting time for ourselves or for pursuing our dreams.

Has this happened to you? If so take this as a compliment—you’re as important as ever. Your family still want your brownies and care. In the meantime, go ahead and fulfil that dream! They will still be there when you’re up on the stage receiving the Pulitzer or and proud of you for all that you are. It’s your turn to shine –  Like Lillie McCloud who finally at 54 years old as a mother and grandmother had her turn:

54 Year Old Sings Alabaster Box and Blows the Judges Away on the X-Factor from theremix on GodTube.


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It’s Your Turn to Shine!