Inspiring You to Thrive: 4 Essentials for Spiritual Health

By on June 26, 2013

After my diagnosis of pneumonia, I received lots of advice. I was told to rest. To relax. To sleep. To eat nourishing food. And above all, to be patient!  I’m still being patient—full recovery seems a bit far away, but I’m definitely better than I was.

If there are basic essentials for recovering our physical health, there are also basic essentials for spiritual health.  If you want a vibrant, alive, walk with God, here are 4 essentials you need in your life.

1. Be willing to forgive whoever hurt you. Going around with a backpack of resentment and grudges weighing you down doesn’t affect the offender. It only harms you.  Your perspective is poisoned and your freedom to fully enjoy life and relationships is lost. Hebrews 12:14-15 challenges us to “make every effort to live in peace, to be holy, to not miss the grace (power) of God so no bitter root grows and defiles us.” Release the offender from what they owe you.

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  • Spiritual health comes as we choose to forgive.

2.   Intentionally trust God. When tests and trials come into your life, are they met by bitterness, a “why me?” cry, or a turning to God for comfort, courage, and understanding?  Sometimes trusting God is hard, but we can make the decision to trust and affirm: God is good regardless of my feelings right now. He is going to work in and through my trial so that I mature and develop a deeper faith through this situation. (James 1: 2-4).

  • Spiritual health comes as we choose to trust in life’s tough places.

3.   Be a blessing and encourage others. Jesus looked on people with compassion and we’re to do the same. Ask God for eyes to notice others. For a sharper sensitivity to what they say or look like. For boldness to say hello, to linger and listen, and then to share kind and loving words that give hope.

  • Spiritual health comes as we choose to let Christ touch lives through us.

 4.   Cultivate a praise-filled heart.  Praise has the power to change your focus, your mood, and your perspective. It can lift you up and breathe new life into the soul of anyone who has been flattened by the steamroller of discouragement  Praise the Lord for all He is, all He has done for you, for all He promises to be to you every day of your life. Praise through the psalms, praise through music, praise by writing down all the ways He has changed your life, and thank Him.

  • Spiritual health comes as you praise God rather than pity yourself.

Which of these essential ingredients for spiritual health have blessed you?  I’d love to know.


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Inspiring You to Thrive: 4 Essentials for Spiritual Health