I’m A Little Too Tense To Be Stressed….

By on February 25, 2013

Little tense, are ya?

What the heck is stress? Stress is your body’s reaction to anything your brain finds upsetting. Period.

Stress is a part of life, whether it be, gasp! bathing suit season, whiney kids, or how about a blow out with your spouse? In fact, 75 – 90% of all visits to a primary care physician’s office are related to stress disorders, according to Dr. Don Colbert.

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Doesn’t matter where it came from, stress can do a number on your emotional and your physical well-being. Some common stress symptoms can include sleeplessness, fuzzy thinking, body aches, acne, abdominal pain…and much, much more.

So what’s a gal to do? Well, first I would suggest you read, Stress Less by Dr. Don Colbert, MD. He can tell you how it starts, how it affects you and how you can overcome it.

imagescafsdh2wI, on the other hand, say, “Hey…..calm down….take a bath.”

In fact, throw in some lavender, sandalwood, some Epsom salts and a little ylang ylang essential oils to make bath time a soothing time. Relax for about 20 minutes and feel the tension go down the drain.

The adrenal glands are an integral part of the endocrine system of hormones. Those little bad boys play a key roll in regulating the body’s response to stress, so your diet is also very important. Avoid foods that are taxing on your system like caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Include some avocados, eggs, chicken, mushrooms and salmon for some excellent sources of pantothenic acid.

Include some supplements to fortify the body against emotional stress. Vitamin B complex (50mg twice/day), which supports the adrenal glands; and magnesium (500 mg once/day) and calcium (1000 mg once/day) have natural tranquilizing effects, so you might take those two in the evenings.

There are many different ways to deal with stress, but the important thing is to maintain the right attitude when the going gets rough. No matter what happens to you, make up your mind that you are going to go through it with the right attitude. If you meditate on this principle when things are going good, then when a stressful situation arises you will be prepared to maintain a good attitude. Discipline yourself to stand strong with your positive attitude in every circumstance!

Philippians 4:19, “And my God will liberally supply your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”


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I’m A Little Too Tense To Be Stressed….