How Do You Stay Motivated?

By on March 1, 2014
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There are easy days and tough days on the journey to fulfilling your dreams. There are days when you don’t feel highly motivated and would rather not pay the price to see your big dream fulfilled. Every day you choose. So what is it that compels you to go on? How do you stay motivated?

In order to answer that question, we first have to ask ourselves why we had the dream in the first place. How is that dream a reflection of my values, attitudes and passions?

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1. Keep Your Heart Connected to the Passion

When we can lock into the passion behind the dream, we will have the energy to pursue the dream even when the going gets tough. When the dream is initially ignited inside of us, we feel the rush of enthusiasm and excitement as we consider what it would look like to live the dream. That enthusiasm takes us through the first steps as we begin to make progress toward the dream’s fulfillment.

What is behind your dream… the motivating desire?

Keep asking yourself ‘What’s behind that?’ until you cannot answer any further.

I did this activity with a friend who had a dream to have a talk show on TV. After 10 minutes of asking this question in different ways she eventually blurted out, “Because I was born to demonstrate that nothing is impossible.” For her, having a talk show demonstrated a nature of God that was expressed through her life AND would inspire and empower others to do the same. Keeping connected to that passion is what helps her persist through some of the mundane process to get to her dream.

2. Keep Your Heart Fixed on the Prize

The second key in staying motivated is keeping our eyes fixed on the prize or reward you will receive. Jesus said that He kept His eyes fixed on the prize of the joy set before him as He endured the cross. (See Hebrews 12:2). We must learn to do the same.

What is the prize or reward of realizing your dream? Who will benefit? How will they benefit?

What will you feel when you have accomplished this dream?

How will you keep the prize or reward in front of you in the tough times?

Who could help keep you focused on that prize?

What does God say about your dream? Imagine accomplishing your dream – How does God feel about this moment?

Answering these questions can help you come up with a plan to keep you motivated before the going even gets tough. Simple things like putting pictures up as visual cues to remind you of where you are heading can help maintain momentum. What do you see? What are you listening to? Who is around you that can encourage you and remind you of your dream?

For more questions and activation exercises to connect your with your passion and develop a plan to stay motivated, get your copy of Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life.

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How Do You Stay Motivated?