Some Like It Hot

Some like it hot and some are hot! Whichever category you’d place yourself, fresh fabrics that breathe go a long way.

Our design team, Diane and Alicia are very proud of our growing line of plus size fashion made of gauze and with good reason – these fabrics are light, gentle, breathe, hold their shape and look great even when it’s hot, hot, hot.

I was putting together a few things for an upcoming trip to Texas. When I took out our Caftan, 02291, I was flooded with memories of how daunting putting things together for a trip to a very warm climate was for me in the past. I remember too many days at the beach when wearing a cover-up made me feel well-presented, but I was s-w-e-l-t-e-r-i-n-g. Having gauze options make all the difference, on the beach and beyond. That memory made me decide to develop at least 75% of the outfits I plan to bring around what is available in gauze.

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Here’s what I’m building my wardrobe around:

When I think of looking good and feeling comfortable in the heat, simultaneously, Ulla’s gauze line is almost too good to be true. What can I say, ‘we’ve come a long way, baby!’

How do you stay cool and look fresh?


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Some Like It Hot
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