Hot and Flashy: How I Made Peace with the Sagging, Sweating, and Style Challenges of Menopause

By on August 1, 2011

By JuliAnn Stitick –

My name is JuliAnn and I am in mid-life… a fabulous and blessed one! And you say “Hi JuliAnn!” As a corporate image trainer and wardrobe consultant, I work with women of all ages. I have always really, really tried to understand women whose bodies had gone through menopausal changes. Of course I did all I could to educate and encourage them in dressing for their body silhouette and embracing this new time in their life, but…now….. dun, dun, dun…… I am among those women! A new and different view for me.

While, honestly I am struggling a bit with implementing the wardrobe modifications necessary (a dry laugh), I have been thrilled to now be in the “shoes” of so many of my clients on an emotional level. My sweet, wonderful Joe pointed out the value of a growing middle and sagging knees as now I REALLY CAN connect with my menopausal and po-mo (post menopausal) clients as a peer. God bless him!

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What does all of this mean? It means practicing what I preach! The “passion” of Wardrobe Rx is using fashion expertise as an avenue to show love, encourage and empower women. As a woman who has always been very comfortable with my body, I now find myself really having listen carefully… to my own words of encouragement!

Now that I am Hot & Flashy I thought I would share a few of my new wardrobe implementations…

1. The “girls” are really sagging- I immediately went out for a professional bra fitting. My breasts were not positioned where they should have been, therefore adding to my waistline. The reminder for me…a professional bra fitting should be done at least once a year and more often if there is significant weight gain or loss. I am fitted annually, but things have changed so quickly that I needed to get in for a bi-annual
this year. For more information on professional bra fitting and care visit my February blog post- Your Breast Foundation Ever .

2. Iʼve gained some weight- First thing I did was purchase a column of color in a size that fit me. A column of color is a solid colored matching underpinning and pant/skirt. Every time I put that column of color on and pair it with a great jacket and scarf or accessory, I feel great!!! “I want to wait until I lose weight before I buy new clothes.” Something I hear so often from my lovely clients. Such a huge mistake. Continuing to wear clothing that is too tight is a recipe for a vicious cycle. Each time I wear something that is too tight, I remind myself of a negative (Iʼm too heavy), then I feel a bit down and what sounds good when Iʼm down? Ben and Jerryʼs Chunky Monkey. Hmmmmm, get what I mean?

3. My knees are wrinkly and sagging- There comes a time in a womanʼs life when she might not want to show her knees and I am now there. Now my skirt/short length, which used to be just above my knees now falls to the middle of my kneecaps. This might be a bit varied for other women based on whether of not she wears hose. Princess Katherine is bringing them back. Not sure if I like that or not!

4. My arms wiggle- I just have to giggle at that one. This one means doing a bit more at the gym and a whole lot of acceptance!! I live in Southern California and it gets hot here. I will continue with sleeveless and short sleeves until, as my grandmother had said, “You get to the point that you are so old you just donʼt care!” I love her so much and she is my official guardian angel now!

5. One I come! My entire life I have been able to pull off a two piece bathing suit. Although I probably still could…. I am just more comfortable in a one piece . Another side effect of menopause is what I call CMT (comfort level tolerance). I mean, if I have to wake up with night sweats, ward off “personal summers”, Iʼm darn well going to be comfortable! I had a great time this year finding a suit that was in my color palette and “skinnified” my waistline. A few of my favorites are; La Blanca, Miraclesuit, Badgley Mischka and Gottex. Now, I realize I am on the beginning of this particular journey, but I embrace the beauty of being a woman who now has a bit more wisdom, even if it means wisdom lines and a bootie that is closer to my knees!

What have you embraced about mid-life and done so with a positive attitude? I need your advice!

For years, JuliAnn, The “Heart” of Empowered Style, has been blessed to say that she has a dream job! A recipe with the main ingredients being her passions of inspiration, fashion and organization. Whether teaching at a live event, one of her Discover Your Style Workshops, providing corporate image training or working one-on-one with a client, JuliAnn’s mission is to use her fashion expertise to show love, encourage and empower women. From the unmentionables to the accessories, JuliAnn gently and lovingly guides women in discovering their inner style and then translating that to their outer image. An image and feeling of confidence for a more fulfilling and successful life! Her Website:

About JuliAnn Stitick

JuliAnn Stitick, CEO and Founder of Your Success Style, is a World Class Image Expert and International Speaker. With over 20 years in image she actively speaks, trains and provides business and personal image consultations for clients ranging from the boardroom to the entrepreneur to the full-time domestic goddess. JuliAnn styles for the Oscars and achieves ongoing accolades from organizations including Nordstrom, Lexus, Marriott, and The Capital Group, to name a few. Your offers a heart-centered approach to image, you will find her at:


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Hot and Flashy: How I Made Peace with the Sagging, Sweating, and Style Challenges of Menopause