A Retiree’s Guide to Hosting on Airbnb

By on January 3, 2019
Host travelers in your home

Retirement is one of the best times to take advantage of Airbnb and VRBO services. By hosting, you can make some extra cash on top of your fixed income while helping travelers make the most of their experiences.

According to Airbnb, the number of experiences hosted by people 60 years and older has grown by nearly 1,100 percent over the past year. In fact, the United States tops Airbnb’s list of countries with the most hosts in that age group. Hosting home sharing experiences using websites like Airbnb and VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) is easier and safer than ever, and there are some great benefits to hosting while in retirement. In 2017, Airbnb senior hosts around the world earned over $2 billion, hosted over 13.5 million guest arrivals at their listings, and welcomed travelers from over 150 countries.

Retiring (and aging as a whole) is sometimes associated with loneliness and withdrawal from social activities, but these Airbnb statistics prove that is far from the truth. Retirees actually comprise more than 50% of senior hosts on Airbnb.

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Hosts can choose to rent out their entire home or individual guest rooms. This makes hosting a great option for retirees – whether you’re looking to meet new people, rent out a vacation home that goes unused most of the year or make some extra cash while you’re having your own adventures. Seniors claim the number one reason they host is for financial gain. Other reasons include staying socially connected, meeting new people and keeping active. Airbnb even explains that many senior hosts “now say that the social benefits have contributed to a renewed sense of purpose.”

The benefits of hosting are immeasurable, but how do you make your rental listing stand out from the rest:

  • Post great photos of your listing. A picture is worth a thousand words,and great photos of your home can be the difference between someone booking your rental or passing it over for someone else’s. Most smartphones can take great photos, but you can research tips on how to make your phone photos shine.
  • Give guests a welcome basket. Having a seasonal basket filled with local goodies and tips for enjoying their stay can go a long way in helping guests feel welcomed.
  • Cook dinner one night. If you are renting out a portion of your home instead of the entire thing, offer to cook dinner for your renters one night. They’ll feel more welcome, and it’s a great way to get to know who is staying with you.
  • Provide at-home entertainment. Most travelers won’t spend every second of every day out and about. Leaving some of your favorite books, games or movies out for guests can help them unwind after a long day of exploring. You can also leave a scrapbook of your favorite adventures, which can help renters get to know their hosts.

Hosting your home or an Experience on Airbnb and similar websites can be a great way for retirees to meet new people, stay socially connected with others and make a supplemental income. As long as you take the right precautions and do what you can to provide a relaxing and safe environment for your guests, you can make hundreds to thousands of dollars in passive income to help fund your next adventure or add a cushion to your savings.

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A Retiree’s Guide to Hosting on Airbnb