Another Headache? Try Something Natural…

By on February 12, 2013

Did you know that about 28 million Americans have migraine headaches? And that’s just migraines! There are all sorts of headaches that can give you horrendous pain such as, tension headaches, sinus headaches or cluster headaches. And you know what comes with the headache…anxiety, stiff neck and shoulder muscles, eyestrain…I can go on and on.

Bottom line? They hurt.

Maybe you are tired of popping pills and would like to try a ‘natural’ solution. Hopefully you will be able to relax away some of the pain with deep breathing, meditation or even visualization (although I do tend to visualize me smacking someone if they dare even look at me during one of my migraines)

Try some of these remedies next time and see if you get any relief…(via)

Herbal tea for tension headache: Ginger decreases the production of pain-causing chemicals in the body. Chamomile and linden are mild relaxants that can help ease emotional and physical tension.

Ease headaches with an aromatherapy compress: Lavender eases physical and mental stress and marjoram has deeply relaxing properties. Add 5 drops each of lavender and marjoram essential oils to a basin of cool water. Soak two washcloths in the water and lightly wring out. Lie down and apply one cloth to your forehead and one to the back of your neck. Rest for about 30 minutes.

Lavender massage: To ease a tension headache, massage your temples with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil.

Take Valerian for pain: Valerian helps relieve the pain of tension or migraine headaches. Take half a teaspoon of valerian extract diluted in warm water every 30 minutes until the pain has abated. (Up to 3 teaspoons a day)

Footbath for headache relief: Try immersing your feet in a bucket of water – as hot as you can stand it – for 15 minutes. At the same time, wring out a cloth in ice water and place the cold compress on your forehead, temples, back of the neck or where ever the pain is concentrated. Hot water dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the feet, while the cold compress constricts blood vessels in the head, reducing the volume of blood flow and thereby reducing pain.

Loosen mucus: Spicy foods, such as horseradish and hot peppers, increase the flow of blood and loosen the secretions of mucus in the sinuses. This has the effect of relieving the congestion that causes sinus headaches.


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Caution: Always consult with your doctor before starting any new remedy. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and women trying to conceive should also consult a healthcare practitioner before taking any herbal medicine.


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Another Headache? Try Something Natural…