Hate to Exercise? It’s Time to Light Your Fire!

By Jill  Demby Guest –

You hate to exercise. You dread it. You feel guilty you’re not doing it. But, like vegetables, you know it’s good for you.  It’s the fitness nutrient you need to add to your regimen that will help balance your body and life.

But….YOU HATE TO EXERCISE.  It’s a big dilemma. What’s a girl to do?

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How can you motivate yourself to do something that you know will have both long and short term health benefits?

Easy answer. Do something that’s fun. Do something that feels good.
Something that gives you energy, peaks your interests, makes you feel sensual, brings out your passions, your competitive spirit; a sport that empowers you, makes you feel stronger and more confident.

Think back to your childhood where exercise was so much a part of play. It was so easy and non-restrictive you could do it all day long. Imagine what that felt like. I recall many summer nights playing tennis until it turned dark, with fire flies lighting up the sky, while my parents voices echoed through the air, begging us to come home.

Did you like the ballet lessons that made you feel like a graceful swan? Modern dance that let you dance to your own groove? The romance of Ballroom dancing? Sexy Tango? Exotic Balinese? Free form rock’n’roll? Or did you dance in front of the mirror to the Grease album?

What about those lazy days of swimming? Volley Ball? Badminton? Ping pong? Tennis? Hiking? Rock climbing?
Trampoline? Gymnastics? Cross country skiing? Or do you like the eastern disciplines of  yoga, martial arts, kung fu or tai chi?

Whatever it is, compile a list of those things you loved to do or things you’ve just thought about trying. But more importantly, focus on how it felt. The good feelings will hook you in and keep you going.

Whether it’s something simple like shaking it up with a hoola hoop (recall the “twist”), jumping jacks, hop scotch or jumping rope,(11 calories per minute) it will get you moving. And that’s the point.

Once the endorphins begin to kick in and elevate your mood, you might even think about doing more of it. And then….maybe even a little bit every day.

You can get your heart pumping in as little as twenty minutes a day. Do it 3-5 days a week and suddenly you’ve got a routine. In three weeks, you’ll have a habit; a good one. And you won’t be cursing every time you think about exercising because you’ll be doing something you like.

Take baby steps. Even if you start with 5 minutes a day, you can work up a sweat.
Then gradually work yourself harder; but take first things first.

The point is: HAVE FUN. The better you feel, the more you will take action.
No one wants to be chained to an exercise routine they don’t like and can’t keep up with.

What exercise “type” are you? Are you a loner or  team player? Competitive or more zen-like ? Take stock of knowing what kind of exercise makes you tick.

Mix it up!  Like anything, falling into a routine can become boring. So pick several things that light your fire and alternate them several times a week.

As you learn to light your exercise fire, pretty soon that hate will turn to pure love.

Here’s a few feel good fun exercise resources you might like to explore:

Jazzercise: Exercise routine based on jazz dancing.

Curves: Circuit weight resistance training set to music.

Cardio-Barre: Ballet bar exercises with an aerobic flair.

Swing dancing: Grab a partner and head back to the forties!

Racquetball: Fast, fun, aerobic racquet sport with great hand-eye coordination .

Paddle boarding: Paddling while standing on a surfboard.

Swim Aerobics: You’ll never feel the burn while you’re in the pool!

Tai Chi: A graceful, balletic Chinese martial art.

Rock climbing: The perfect challenge for mind, body and spirit.

Jill Demby Guest is an entertainment industry integrated media writer, producer, celebrity TV interviewer, audio book producer and digital content creator with expertise in strategic planning and marketing of niche market blogs. An anglophile, foodie, weight lifter, racquetball player and mother, she loves everything to do with mid-life reinventions and living a “feel good” life. http://www.thefeelgoodlife.com

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Hate to Exercise? It’s Time to Light Your Fire!
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