A Halloween Menopause Riddle

By on October 31, 2012

How is menopause like Halloween?

Because sometimes you feel like a witch,

and you just don’t know which sort of witch you are.

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Sometimes, you want to hide away in a pumpkin patch,

And other times, you’re bursting with energy, ready to turn over a giant new leaf.

Some days, your friends and family think you’ve morphed into a monster,

or they’re sure the old you has gone missing, hidden behind a skeleton mask.

Sometimes, you’re as confused as  jack-o-lanterns with grumbly grins.

Menopause can make you think you’re coming unstitched.

But wait!

Here’s the super cool Halloween connection.

Menopause is like Halloween because you get to pick your own costume.

Your stuffing is changing.

So stuff yourself with new stuff.

New hobbies.

New treats.

New adventures.

Just like a brave and proud  purple scarecrow lady,

put on your new straw hat

and greet the world.

Originally posted on Friend For The Ride.

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A Halloween Menopause Riddle